Start Liquids tommorow any suggestions?

on 8/16/11 1:40 am - MO
So tommoro I start My 2 week Liquid diet, Any suggestions how to get thru this with out nawing my arm off from hunger? lol
Im allowed 3 protein shakes a day mixed with low fat milk, skim milk or water,plain  water, crystal light or sugar free koolaid, caffeen free coffee/ tea with sweetner no cream, chicken broth and sugar free jello... :(

Is it hard to comply with? I know no matter what I have to do this, but just wanting to know how hard it is.
on 8/16/11 1:46 am - OH
One thing you might want to do, is do half a protein shake at a time.  So you'd only be drinking three total all day but drink them half or one, six times a day.  You may feel better if you get your protein more spread out.

Drink a LOT.  For some reason, sometimes I find warm drinks more satisfying, so try some tea or broth if you feel really hungry.

You should be able to have sugar free popsicles as well, so eat a lot of those and a lot of jello.

Stay focused on your goal.  Remind yourself this is only two weeks.  You can do anything for just two weeks.

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on 8/16/11 1:54 am - MO
I for got about the sugar free popcicles, Im planing a trip to the store here in a few hours I just put them on my list. 
on 8/16/11 2:01 am
It is easier if you dont have to cook for other people or watch them eat!! LOL..TG i only had to do 3 days preop which was hard but by the 3rd day i was to tired to eat anyways....but do drink a lot try to keep ur belly fully so u dont wanna eat
on 8/16/11 3:10 am
Popsicles saved my life..........
on 8/16/11 3:54 am - Joppa, MD
For me, it got easier after the 3rd day.  I think my body realized that no matter how hungry it made me, I was not going to eat so it stopped making mesuffer as much and I wasn't hungry all the time. 

I found broth with a sprinkle of  Mrs. Dash in it helped a lot.  Felt more like actual soup with all the little Mrs. Dash tidbits in there.  And it was more satisfying than the sweet shakes. 

Sugar free popsicles are also very helpful. 

Good Luck!  One day at a time and you will make it. 


crystal C.
on 8/16/11 4:53 am - lynn, MA
I start mine around sept 1, but I already got the paper work in the mail for it it say I can have 1 cup of fruit salad a day. I am not sure if you can but I am hoping this will get me thru!
on 8/16/11 6:07 am
One tip I got the first time around was to add like a tablespoon of instant mashed potatoes to your broth. Thickens it just a tad  - as long as it fits in with your plan. :) I have to do a week of liquids prior to a revision surgery scheduled in September! You can do it!!!!!!

Hope your day is great!

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Heidi L.
on 8/16/11 6:43 am - San Jose, CA
RNY on 09/21/10 with
The first 3-4 days will be challenging to say the least. I had headaches, gas, heartburn, metallic taste of the mouth, gitters, etc... Clean your cupboards out NOW! Do no****ch other people eat and try not to cook if you don't have to.

Popsicles will be a lifesaver. Congratulations and Good Luck!!

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on 8/16/11 8:45 am
I'm on the second week of my liquid diet.  At first it was hard, darn belly would not shut up.  By the third day though it sort of just starting falling into place. I have been using Isopure, and try freezing it and shaving it like a snowcone.  It actually not bad.  

The thing that has saved me though are the popcicles.  It is like having a sweet little snack everyday, and if you want a second. 

Hang in there and the cravings just sort of went away after the 3rd day.
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