on 8/19/11 6:34 am
i'm 11 weeks out and dh is ordering pizza tonite for the kids and himself. I wanna try a peice so bad. what is everyones thoughts????
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on 8/19/11 6:38 am - Los Gatos, CA
Skip it.  That's a slippery slope for us food addicts.
The ratio of "main event" foods we need is 2:1:1  for protein:carbs:fats.  I'm guessing that most pizza is way heavy on fats and carbs, with minuscule amounts of protein.
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on 8/19/11 6:38 am
I think its too early but if you must just eat the toppings. It will kick the craving.
on 8/19/11 6:41 am
First off, what does your programs plan say?
Personally I think it is too early for pizza.  Some people eat the toppings off of it.
For me, pizza was one of my (many) binge foods and I avoid it, and all refined carbs, like the plague.  I already have one failed WLS under my belt and don't want another one.  I knew I had to change my whole mindset about food and what was good to eat and what wasn't.  Pizza has way too many carbs and they are refined carbs which tend to make some people crave more carbs.
I found a great low carb substitute for pizza crust zza.html.
I also substitute grated cauliflower for rice and mashed potatoes.

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on 8/19/11 6:51 am - FL
and pasta!
Diana C.
on 8/19/11 7:16 am - Austin, TX
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Personally I would skip it.  Pizza used to be my go to food.  When I was having a bad day, I'd eat pizza.  When I was having a good day, I'd eat pizza.  I do not want to fall into old habits so pizza is one of those foods I will avoid for as long as I can.
on 8/19/11 7:56 am
We have the same RNY date and I was able to eat one slice of thin crust from Uno's about a month ago with no problem. I've also eaten the top off a slice that my husband had where the crust was doughy. I don't dare do doughy pizza but the cracker like crust was fine.
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on 8/19/11 9:42 am
I am 4 months out and have been able to eat a small slice of pizza since 3 months out with no problems
on 8/20/11 5:46 am - Brick, NJ
 I was cleared at 5 weeks to try anything as long as protein was in and I stayed within calories. I used to LOVE pizza...and I have eaten a total of maybe 3 slices in the last 5 months. I had no problem -but I haven't had a problem with anything...that said, it hasn't been a slippery slope for me because it just doesn't taste as good as it once did. If I have it it's because I'm out with a group or something and that's what we're having.
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on 8/20/11 7:56 am - West Chester, PA
 i eat 1/2 to 3/4 of a slice probably once a week. fills the craving and i can't binge on it because i physically can't eat anymore

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