Surgery Tomorrow

on 8/20/11 11:32 pm
Surgery is tomorrow.  Feeling the stress and scared about the surgery tomorrow.  I will be glad to get to this moment as it seems like it has taken forever...well ...actually the past two weeks on the liquid diet have seemed like forever.  Lost 15.4 lbs with shakes and exercises.  WHO HOO, That is really kind of scary too as it has ALWAYS come back on plus more.  Doesn't feel very real right now.  I know I am just rambling, but wondering how I will get through without an anxiety attack.

I had to work yesterday and came out of our office and we are next to an Applebees and an all you can eat food place.  It was about 9pm and the smells were making me crazy.  I sat and sniffed for a good minute....Yikes...Trying to take deep breaths and just get though today and show up tomorrow.  I have had second thoughts but know that this is the right solution, just scared.

on 8/20/11 11:53 pm - Burlington, NC

You will be fine.  It is normal to have fear, most people do.    I was fearful also, but as long as you are not letting it stop you... you are on the right path.

I am 8 weeks out and wouldn't change it for the world.  It truly gets better everyday.  My son told me about a week and a half in....   Mom, you can't expect to not go through some things on your way to a better life.  It truly changed my outlook to positive. 

Can't wait to see you on the Loser's Bench.

Take care and sending  hugs and prayers your way.

Surgery Date 6/30/2011          
on 8/20/11 11:57 pm - Neenah, WI
I can completely relate to how you are feeling. I almost backed out of my surgery many times before it was time. The morning of my surgery, I almost didn't go to the hospital. I almost didn't go through with it.,but I am glad I did. it's normal to be scared and nervous before surgery. Good luck! You can do this.
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on 8/21/11 12:35 am
I'll be thinking of you.  Hope to join you soon as my surgery is in 3 weeks.  You will be so happy you did it!
on 8/21/11 12:55 am - Brick, NJ
 I found the pre-op diet to be harder than anything I've had to do since surgery and I didn't even do it very well! Be proud of what you have accomplished. I would have driven myself crazy the night before surgery but I kind of "put it out of my mind" and pretended it wasn't happening. I made my decision based on facts and what I needed to do, as did you -now let it go and put it in God's hands -your new life is about to begin!
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Lisa R.
on 8/21/11 2:29 am - CA
I had surgery on a Monday morning too!  I found that keeping busy getting my house ready kept me calm.  

Wash all of your bedding and get your bed nice, clean and comfy for when you get home.  You will be spending lots of time in it the first week back!  Also, I went to the store and stocked up on all the things I knew I would need for the liquid phase of the diet.  You might have alot of that since you have been on the pre diet.  

Just have everything in your house ready so when you come home there is no stress and you are just comfortable.  That will help take you mind off what is going to happen tomorrow.  Your next big clean up will be getting rid of most of the stuff in your closet!  That is fun, but hard. 
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on 8/21/11 2:34 am
Best of luck to you! I was terrified pre-op also. It really helped me to pray and to focus on all of the reasons I was having surgery and on how upset I would be if I didn't have the opportunity to have it done. I know you will come through with flying colors!!
on 8/21/11 3:04 am - VA
 Oh do I understand what you are feeling!   I have anxiety, and while sitting in waiting room I almost ran out of the hospital!  Honestly, it was not bad at all!  You will rock it!!!  Sending you positive and calming energies and see ya on the otherside!!!! 
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on 8/21/11 3:21 am - Soddy-Daisy, TN
Am one week post op tommorrow. All previous comments I agree whole heartly.90 days for for me were the workouts with the last two weeks the pre-op surgeons diet. Godd luck with  your surgery!
Carol Y.
on 8/21/11 3:35 am - WY
I was feeling the same way you are right before my surgery. Hang in there you will be fine.

I will pray for a speedy recovery for you.