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on 8/21/11 6:06 am - Altamont, IL
I got surgery August 2 and had the RNY. I am about 3 weeks out and have lost 30 pounds.  I am currently on the blended diet and getting in a rut.  I have had some mashed potatoes, NS instant breakfast, scrambled eggs with cheese,chicken in can mixed with little of noodles, peanut butter on crackers and some pork.  Have tried hamburger and it seems to just sit in my stomach.I have not gotten sick off any foods or any dumping. What else can I try? I seem to of gotten in a rut and do not know what to eat.  Also , after the 4 weeks of blended food what is the next diet?

on 8/21/11 6:48 am - Brandon, MS
My surgery was just before yours on July 26.  I enjoy Greek yogurt.  It's full of protein.  I've also eaten refried beans (sometimes with cheese melted on it).  I have also melted some cheese on top of tomato sauce.  I tend to drink lots of broth and eat lots of sugar-free popsicles (including sugarfree creamsicles.) 

I havent personally blended anything, but I have tried some foods, just making sure to chew chew chew.  I've tried tuna with mayo mixed in.  Just chew it very carefully and eat very small bites.  One day I cooked some black-eyed peas and chewed them thoroughly.  I have also eaten string beans.  Sometimes I get a bite of whatever my husband is eating as well and havent had any problems, but I have to watch that because it's usually carb-loaded and I never know how my tummy will react.
on 8/21/11 7:20 am, edited 8/21/11 7:22 am - PA
Wendy's chili is popular in this phase. It purees really nicely so maybe the hamburger would feel ok. Or you can puree just beans and plop some sour cream on top. Chicken is too dry for me yet so I puree a simple chicken salad made with canned chicken breast, mayo, and relish. I second the PP on the Greek yogurt. Again with the hamburger, but some frozen meatballs are really soft and go down easy; I spoon a little tomato sauce and shaved mozzarella on top. Wedding soup and egg drop soup feel good in my pouch. You can try wrapping a slice of deli turkey around some string cheese. I've been munching on the fake crab legs and today I tried grilled salmon, yum. Those are the main things I eat.

ETA: Congrats on your weight loss :)
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on 8/21/11 7:51 am - OH
Good things on the pureed diet include Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, pureed tuna or chicken salad, chili (pureed), refried  beans, ricotta cheese with a little spaghetti sauce on top (tastes like lasagna without the noodles), cream soups (Stir in a little unflavored protein powder), sugar free pudding (add protein powder to that too) and of course protein shakes.

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on 8/21/11 8:19 am
When I got bored or wanted to not cook I got Wendy's chili and blended it up. It was yummy.
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on 8/21/11 11:35 am - Powder Springs, GA
 I tried Wendys chilli and it made me dump! :( I got all sweaty and started to breathe hard. It was a horrible experience. It makes me sad because I used to loooove Wendys chilli over a baked potatoe preop!
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on 8/21/11 8:22 am - Santa Cruz, CA
Try some ricotta cheese with a tablespoon or so of pasta sauce and some grated parmesan,
heat it in the microwave.  Yum!!
on 8/21/11 9:51 am - Brick, NJ
My favs at that stage -and even now! - refried beans with salsa and cheese and ricotta cheese mixed with a little vanilla and splendid -just like cannoli cream!
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