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Jeanne T.
on 8/24/11 8:12 am
Hi, I have done quite a bit of research in regards to the sleeve but I learned last Friday my ins does not cover the sleeve, ****imately my own fault) But  It will pay for a Rny or a band.  I know I don't want the band so I am meeting with my surgeon on Friday to discuss the Rny.  I have been lurking here all week and have learned quite a bit and have a large list of questions but I was wondering is there anything you would ask your surgeon if you could replay your conversations with him before surgery.  One of my questions that I would like to know is I know we can't take Nsaids so what do we take.  I would be grateful for any help, advice or thoughts.

on 8/24/11 8:28 am - Trinity, AL
I take tylenol and ultram if tylenol doesn't work.
on 8/24/11 8:31 am, edited 8/23/11 8:32 pm
This link explains why NSAIDS are handled differently for RNY patients. It is not necessarily prohibited in all cases. The article explains it well, also ask your doctor.
Jeanne T.
on 8/24/11 8:48 am
Thank you for this site it was a good read and gave me more information that I appreciate.
on 8/24/11 8:38 am - PA

Here are some questions that I suggest that you consider.  My surgeon didn't answer them all, but they were answered by various people I met during the first appointment.

What are the risks of this surgery?  What steps do you take to reduce the risks?
I have the following medical issues (list them all, including acid reflux, diabetes, high blood pressure, joint pain etc).  How will this surgery impact these conditions?
Have your surgeon describe the surgery, and recovery. 
Will I be able to continue to take all my current medications after surgery?  Are there new medications that the surgeon will require?
Will I be able to tolerate all the same foods after surgery?
How many of this surgery have you done?  How many in the past 12 months?
What is the weight loss that you would expect for me with this surgery?
What are the clearances that you will need for surgery?  (eg cardiac, pulmonary)
Does my insurance have specific requirements that I should be aware of?

You should also be prepared to answer why you want bariatric surgery - what is your motivation for the short term, and the long term.
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Jeanne T.
on 8/24/11 8:52 am
Thank you Eliza, I will copy and paste these questions and put them with my other questions.  I've already met with him and he is totally on board with my decision for wls.  I have already completed everything I need to do.  I just have to say yes or no.  So we'll see.
on 8/24/11 8:40 am
I was in your same boat re: ins denying the sleeve, so I went for the RNY. No regrets on my part so far.

My post-op period was pretty rough- I don't think knowing before hand would have helped. This board and reading everything I could get my hands on helped. Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies is a very good book.

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Jeanne T.
on 8/24/11 8:54 am
Anne, I'm glad to hear you don't regret your decision.  I don't think I will have any issues at least I haven't in the past.  I've had several surgeries and have recovered well.
on 8/24/11 8:43 am - PA

To answer your question concerning NSAIDS, you should talk indepth to your doctor.  I take aspirin for my heart, and there are potential issues with that as well.  Both my primary care doc and my surgeon agreed upon what I should be taking.

For pain relief, I take Tylenol, or if I need a stronger pain reliever, percocet which is a very heavy duty pain med.  The pain medication that I had in the hospital was very effective, so don't worry about pain.

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Jeanne T.
on 8/24/11 9:05 am
I was more concerned with my migraines and I have planters facsitis.  So it's more of an on going pain vs pain of surgery.
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