Stress Hyperglyciemia, Low O2, Normal after surgery?

on 8/27/11 7:38 am
I had an event ful surgery and first week.  Got Stress Hyperglycemia for a few days and had to get insulin.  I do not have diabetes, they just checked pre-op.  How did that happen.  Yikes.  Really worries me.  Also could not get off of the oxygen at the hospital until thursday and the surgery was monday.  I did not go into the hosptial with either problem and am second guessing myself about the surgery after reading about both.  HELP!
Shelly D.
on 8/27/11 8:52 am - Grandview, TX
My O2 level was low after surgery as well and I have never had that problem. I had to stay on O2 during the day and sleep with a CPAP at night. I was using the incentive spirometer every couple of hours and this would help my O2 levels but they would drop again. I think it was because I was not breathing deep because it would hurt. Once I started getting up and around it got better. Honestly the incentive spirometer helped a lot. Just coughing would get things moving in my lungs helped. I hope you are doing better

Take Care

on 8/27/11 9:13 am - Rochester, NY
I had my FIRST, and ONLY, insulin shot the day after surgery in the hospital.  So YES, I think stress did it to my body.  I was pre-diabetic pre-op but under great control.  The low O2, VERY common after surgery.  I was running a tad low even with my CPAP due to taking shallow breaths thanks to the painkillers.  Just try to relax and let your body heal, it WILL get better!