12 weeks out

on 8/29/11 4:40 am
I'm 12 weeks old and i've lost a total of 60lbs since my 1 week diet prior to surgery. Do you think that is a good weight loss? I feel like im starting to lose slowly, is that weird?
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on 8/29/11 5:14 am - Senatobia, MS
 You are doing great!  When was the last time you lost 5 lbs. a week for twelve weeks?  Your body will begin to slow down on the weight loss but don't worry, your doing really good.  Keep it up.


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on 8/29/11 5:34 am - Canton, GA
You are doing great! I've lost the same amount of weight and I had my surgery a week before you. And my loss includes 14lbs lost pre-op!

It's definitely slowed down, but that's normal...and healthy. Slow and steady is a good thing.
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on 8/29/11 7:09 am
Im almost 10 weeks out and have lost 47 lbs....thats including preop diet.  I feel that thats pretty good plus i was what my dr considered a Lightweight (never been called that before lol) he said that it wont come off as fast as if i were bigger.  So ill take it better then gaining:)
Holly O.
on 8/29/11 9:40 am - FL
I'm 10 weeks out and I'm down 45 lbs.....they said I was a lightweight too!!  That cracks me up.............I think  your doing terrific!!  Keep up the good work........remember we are all different!!
on 8/29/11 7:51 pm - NC
RNY on 06/08/11 with
I am 11 weeks out and have only lost 45lbs. I fell like I have been loosing slowly too. I do everything by the book. Take all my vits, get my protein  and do the exercises. But I am happy that I am loosing, Just don't like the fact that I have also started loosing some hair this week.