Almost 8 months losing slowly

on 8/29/11 10:37 pm
I am almost 8 months .  I had surgery Jan. 11.  People say I look like I lost alot of weight, some people don't even recognize me.  I still eat alot of protein, but find myself eating in between meals.  example, pork rhinds or nuts.  The nurse told me, I am getting too much protein and stop drinking the whey protein shakes.  That is the only thing that keeps me from snacking.  I weighed in at 229 yesterday.  I started at 309.  How long will I continue to lose?
on 8/29/11 10:44 pm - Fort Campbell, KY
RNY on 01/05/10 with
First of all, congrats on your loss! You are doing great! How much protein are you getting a day? How many calories? How much do you eat at one time? Is it possible that you aren't eating enough actual food at your meals and that is why you are hungry in-between? Or are you drinking with or too soon after meals?

I'm almost 20 months post op ( 3 months postpartum, so I was pregnant in there) and still losing. You can very easily lose past a year, but just remember the closer you get to goal/a healthy weight for your body, the slower the weight will come off. That is completely normal. How tall are you? Is it possible you are getting close to your goal weight or a healthy BMI/Fat%? For example,my husband is in the Army and an extremely healthy person at roughly 6ft, and his body naturally falls around the 200-215 range. It puts him over 'normal' BMI, but it is where his body is comfortable and he is in good shape.
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on 8/29/11 11:07 pm
Thank you, I eat maybe 2 pc of chicken and green beans.  I stay away from carbs, for breakfast 1 egg scramble and 3 table spoon of cornbeef hash.  I glad to her I still got time, my goal is now 220.  I don't think I can get to 200.  I am 6' and still have alot of muscle I did not lose.  My waist is 36 right now.
on 8/29/11 10:46 pm
Okay can you give us a sample of what you are eating daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner and how many snack do you have? Do you track calories, carbs or protein? How much do you exercise or just get in some type of physical activity?

I must admit that for a man you seem to be losing slowly. Most men I know drop weight quickly but still you have 80 lbs!! That is terrific. I remember you posting some months back and your eating plan was not looking so good so lets look at what you are eating 8 months out my dear and I am sure that the vets can lend a helping hand.
Just a few more steps to wonderland......and believe me I am taking baby steps (ugh).
on 8/29/11 11:11 pm
I gave example in upper post.  I really don't eat alot.  I excercise like crazy, no I dont count calories.  You think maybe 229 is idea weight?  I don't know, but would like to continue lose.  I used to eat like crazy, but now I can't, I would think since I cut don on calorie intake I should keep losing.
on 8/29/11 11:26 pm - Fort Campbell, KY
RNY on 01/05/10 with
It sounds like you are doing a good job! I think you can definatly still lose, how much is just a matter of where you are happy! 200-220 might just be where you need to be. :)
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on 8/29/11 10:49 pm, edited 8/29/11 10:50 pm
I'm just a few weeks beyond you.

You can continue to lose (albeit more slowly with time) as long as it takes. I think the better question to ask is why all the snacking? Developing patterns of grazing will undermine your weight loss and will cause regain, too. It sounds like you may have some pervasive eating patterns that didn't break through the process of surgery (or that you've returned to).

I too start to feel hunger coming back, and am far enough out that most eating is pretty easy and doesn't force me to be mindful. This is just another phase of the journey. Our work didn't end eight months ago when we had the surgery. I think now is where the hardest work is: getting our heads in the game and weeding out the rotten habits that have been part of our whole lives, changing the way we feel about ourselves, finding out the people we're going to be.

I'd recommend starting an eating journal. Force yourself to capture everything you eat (which also means forcing yourself to measure everything you eat). Also, capture why you made that choice and how you are feeling physically and emotionally when you choose to eat it. Strive to learn why it is you are snacking and to find more positive ways of coping with those times besides food.

I wish you well, I'm looking at all of this myself, too. See you on the road.

Starting BMI 69 w comorbidities | 55 of the weight lost above was pre-op.    
on 8/29/11 11:15 pm
thank you, I am going to start writing that down.  Congrats on the weight lost!
on 8/29/11 11:00 pm
Thanks for posting this because I am in the same boat. I am trying to do small meals every 3-4 hrs. I still drink protein shakes and lots of water.  I workout 4- 5 days a week, and I am losing at a snail pace. I am 8 months out and this has been a struggle.   


on 8/29/11 11:02 pm - Owings Mills, MD
Congrats on your success.

how much protein is too much according to your NUT (sometimes I think they are well referred to as NUTS)?  I get over 100g per day and I'm under 140 pounds now (at goal)  My nut tells me to eat 1200-1500 calories a day... I do more like 1500-1700 but when I was still @ 200 pounds I never dipped below 1800  (good fats and nuts and such easily can boost the calorie count)

are you planning your snacks between meals?   Plan out GOOD snacks.. fruit and veggies and a bit of protein.

I drink 1-2 protein shakes EVERY DAY still.  ALWAYS have one for breakfast.. sometimes I have one for dinner or a snack in the afternoon but mine are with milk and @300 calories so more of a meal.

As to how long you will continue to lose... as long as you follow the rules, drink enough fluids, get some exercise etc your body will do what it needs to do.  My ex husband had surgery 8/09  and he lost till 2/10 and then he stopped for almost 8 months then he started losing again without changing anything... now at over 2 years out he is around 245 (he was 470 at surgery)....

everyone is different.. the bulk is lost in the first year but many of us continue to lose well past 18-24 months.

Ticker is from Day of Surgery.. weight goal is personal preference as I've MET my doctor's goal



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