NSV..haven't posted any before.

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I have never posted any of these except I think in response to someone who asked about them once, but this was so mind boggling to me I was dumb founded.  It also gave me a much needed pick me up, so I thought I would post it.  I had to have gallbladder/internal hernia repair surgery in July and I have had some very serious complicaitons that have left me off of wor****il November. I'm not allowed to do anything including driving etc... so I've been really down, discouraged etc..  (Let me share that the complications are because I have a bleeding disorder and things took a bad turn and I had SEVERE internal bleeding. It is completely unrelated to my WLS so for those of you who may have to have gallbladder and or internal hernia surgery, don't be scared by my experience.)  I won't even go into all of that because it is so long and dramatic. Because of all of that I had to go have a cat scan done today.  As I was leaving, one of the women who had been in there said "did you say that you had bypass surgery?" Of course I said yes.  She said "I hope you don't mind, but I have to tell you that the other two girls and I were talking about you while you were being scanned and we thought the paper had to be wrong because you are too skinny to have had bypass surgery.  How much have you lost?"  I told her I've lost 117 pounds.  She almost fell over.  "SINCE NOVEMBER?"  It really was a strange experience for me.  She said again that I am so skinny she can't believe I ever needed bypass surgery.  I certainly don't feel "skinny".  Just wild!  Had to share, never thought I'd be having THAT conversation!! She was so apologetic to be asking and to have admitted they were talking about me, but she was the sweetest thing!  Just had to share. Heather

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 I would love to have that kind of conversation. For now I get the "Your how old?" when I explain I have two teenage sons and that I"ve been married for 20 years. When I'm around people my own size I will joke and say that the fat is spreading out my wrinkles

But if I ever had a conversation with someone like you did I would go home and do the happy dance.

I hope you heal up with the other problems. I'm sure you will!

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Thanks for sharing the NSV. 
Best wishes for smooth healing from here on out.
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I would LOVE to have someone call my SKINNY!!! WHOOHOO!!

Great NSV! I pray that your healing goes quickly for you.

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What a nice story!  Good luck and I hope you continue to heal and get well. 

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Aww...thank you so much everybody, especially for the healing wishes. You really appreciate the small things when your life is being threatened which I didn't even truly realize until it was spelled out for me by the doctors. This forum is so wonderful for advice and support, couldn't have made it this far without everyone so which has helped me be able to focus on my healing in this other healing because I am doing well with my WLS. Thank you again everyone!

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