13 weeks out

on 9/6/11 12:20 am
Hi everybody!! I'm 13 weeks out. How much was everyone eating at this stage? Also I just have not gotten a full feeling from eating at all.  I havent really pushed myself to get to a full feeling either because i'm too scared of how it will make me feel. I dont know if im crazy but i feel like I can eat more than i should. I dunno. Any feedback is appreciated. thnx in advance!!!
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on 9/6/11 1:00 am - Flint, MI
I am 10 weeks out today and I feel the same way too its only certain things that I eat that I feel full with less but other times I'm like wow I could eat a lil more but I dint because I have that same fear of being full and miserable!
on 9/6/11 2:59 am - Canton, GA
I am 14 weeks out today. Depending on the type of food I am eating, I sometimes feel like my pouch is bottomless. Some days I can't get that hungry feeling to go away and I find myself grazing all day. Luckily, I choose wisely and can still keep my total calorie count where I want it.
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on 9/7/11 1:35 am - Duluth, MN
I, too, am about 14 weeks out. Some days I'm so hungry all day long, and other days I gag just thinking about eating!! I have at times eaten too much and paid the price. Miserable and on the toilet constantly. Not worth it. And honestly, I've never drank the protein shakes. I became lactose intolerant and they go right through me. I eat protein first, I actually crave it. Before surgery, I hardly ate protein so my body is telling me what I need. I started out at 255 and am now 196 so the surgery is working in spite of me. lol