2 months out... What do I eat !!!

on 9/7/11 7:36 am - Stockton, CA
I'm two month's post-op, so far I have lost 45lbs.. since my surgery 7/11/11. I cant stand the taste of protein shakes, flavored or unflavored whey, it all makes me gag. I was cleared to eat solids 2 weeks ago & all i can tolerate is chilli, light fish, yogurt, soft veggie's and grapes. I eat about 6 oz per meal, don't know if thats too much, but I'm tired of the same ol foods. All meat's really do a number on my stomach, as well as eggs, I'm at a stand still with what to eat, the more I try things, it all makes me sick. I used to love food and now It's too much of a hassle to eat, the nausea and pain is not worth it. Any suggestion on what to do???
Susan M.
on 9/7/11 7:52 am - Howell, MI
I am 1 month out and I could not handle scrambled eggs but love egg salad. Also just tried oven roasted turkey from the deli and seemed to handle ok, I also love chili which is weird never been to big on that. sorry your having issues with the protein just keep trying different ones I was having a issues but found unjusy unflavored in ocen-spray cran lemonade works for me.
Hope it works out.


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on 9/7/11 7:58 am - Pueblo, CO
Try chicken salad, yummy.
on 9/7/11 8:11 am - OH
Well, if all you can tolerate is chili, fish, yogurt and soft veggies, then I guess that's what you eat.  Are you getting enough protein in?

At two months out, I ate a lot of yogurt (Greek yogurt has more protein), cheese omelets, ricotta cheese, beans, vegetarian chili, string cheese and sliced cheese, veggie burgers... um, that's all I can think of right now.  Plus protein drinks.

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on 9/7/11 8:46 am
As for the protein shakes I couldn't handle Whey either. .   I started to drink Iso Pure.  I got them at Meijer.  Be sure you get the Zero Carb Zero sugar ones.  If you don't have a Meijer you can get 20 ounce ones at GNC.  Grape and Fruit Punch are the best.  I don't reccommend any others.

Otherwise I enjoyed Jay Robb egg white protein. (got it online)  Especially vanilla flavor mixed in the Majic Bullet with a little Light tangerine juice (Minute Maid) and ice.  Tastes like an orange sherbert Push Up.

Food ideas at 9 weeks out... my old stand by's are Campbells bean and bacon soup, crab legs with lemon, fat free refried beans, Babybel light cheese,  Turkey burgers, Coco Wheats, Sugar free Maple brown sugar oatmeal,  Straw berries, cottage Cheese, Taco salad with no chips or shell using 95% lean ground beef, light cheese, light sour cream and hot sauce, a slice of cold meat with cream cheese rolled up inside of it.

My meal plan called for only 3 ounces per meal from week 9 to 15.
2 ounces protein  1 starch for breakfast- 2 protein 1 fruit for lunch- 2 protein 1 veggie dinner.

For example I could only eat about half to 3/4 of an egg at a time and I would have two strawberries.with it.
Hope that helps!
on 9/7/11 9:22 am - NC
 I had my surgery aug 11 and i don't know if I eat to fast sometimes or what but  heartburn is unbearable does anyone else have this problem ?all i can eat so far is eggs toast and wraps with turkery and ham and cheese and mustard does pretty good on my stomach . i just hope the varity gets better and i am so sick of the protein shakes too. I eat alot of green beans and mashed potatoes and beleive or not slaw does not hurt my stomach either but really not sure if I am supose to eat that yet or not. i will admitt it I miss my food .I am afraid to eat because i am afraid i will get sick sometimes
on 9/7/11 9:35 am - PA
RNY on 08/11/11 with
I also had my surgery Aug 11.  I get horrible heartburn with the Actigall, so I take my Aciphex 1/2 hour before meals, then 1/2 the meal, then Actigall, then the second 1/2 meal.  I also can't take acidic foods, and can't tolerate solid foods yet.  Cheese and anything with lactose gives me horrible stomach cramps.

So you're far ahead of me !
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on 9/7/11 1:27 pm - FL
If you have a Sams, they have store made chicken salad in their meat dept that they make with their rotiserrie chicken.  It is reall tender and I find it easy to eat.  If you're like me, I've been told to avoid beans, grains, etc. for a long while so I don't do the wraps or refried beans.  Crustless quiche is good and turkey burgers work well. I don't recommend them often, but if you're in a little bit of a rush, deviled ham isn't bad but it's processed so don't eat it too often.  I have also found they Total Lean shakes from GNC are fairly good and don't have the whey aftertaste like a lot of the others.  The Oh Yeah! shakes from ISS Research is pretty good too, but you can only order them from their site.  You can get their promo packs for $4.99 plus shipping which gives you I think 3 large or 5 small shakes.  Good luck and keep up the great work!
on 9/9/11 12:31 am - Stockton, CA
Thanks everyone for the Info  regarding eating, I just have to find out what's right for me. Thanks again.....