on 9/8/11 10:27 am
Can anyone tell me what I may be lacking to allow such easy bruising.  I have always bruised in the past, but more so now.  My labs are not due to be analyzed until mid Oct would like to correct this before then.

thank you
on 9/8/11 10:29 am - OH
Most likely iron but possibly vitamin K.  Maybe some other stuff.  It will be hard to correct it before having your labs done since you don't know what "it" is.  You could add some additional iron if you like, though.  You could also request having at least some labs done now instead of waiting a month.

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Dave Chambers
on 9/8/11 11:05 am - Mira Loma, CA
Nothing was noted wrong with my labs, but I had severe bruising. I'd often have bruises on my forearms the size of 50 cent pieces.  I take 4 small vitamin K supplements daily for this reason. The bruising is much much better. I'd have these bruises before with not remembering any arm trauma.  If I bump my arm hard not, there will be a surface bruise for a few days, but those "sponteneous bruises" are either now negilgent or smaller than a dime in size, and far fainter in color.  My surgoen's bariatric nurse suggeste this as a solution--vitamin K helps with blood clotting.  This may be why you are bruising. It's not an expensive fix either. I get the cheap vitamin K supplements at Puritan Pride Vitamins. They often have buy1--get 2 free, or but 2 get 3 free sales.  I just got a shipment of herbal laxatives, papaypa enzyme and an Acai cleanse my surgeon recommended for my wife.  DAVE

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on 9/8/11 2:41 pm - Suffern, NY
I would go to your PCP as soon as you can and ask for some labs - you don't have to ask for the full panel but you need to check out some of the basics for bruising.  Easy bruising isn't normal and you need to know why.  You need to get a CBC to check your differentials and your platelets, and you need to get a PT and PTT to check for your clotting factors.  You also need to get your vitamin K checked.

Do you take coumadin?  People on coumadin can bruise easily, the same as with aspirin but you shouldn't be taking any aspirin.