scale not moving!!!!

on 9/8/11 5:07 am
I'm almost 14 weeks out and my scale has not moved in about 2 weeks. what is up with that? I am starting to get a little worried about it. It seems a litlle early for that to start happening already. Has anyone had a stall around the same time as me???? help!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 9/8/11 5:12 am - PA
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My first stall was at about 1 week out.  It lasted about a week and a half.  Each person is different, so be patient, and keep up your exercise.  You'll see the difference in your inches.
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on 9/8/11 5:20 am - fort knox, KY
I will be 2 wks out tomorrow and the scales have been stuck all week! I'm trying to increase protein and fluids to see if I can get it going again! So ready to see that sucker move! I had this silly wackadoodle thought that I wouldn't lose any weight even after surgery, and uh well this started 1 week out and its not helping my wackadoodle thoughts! UGH!
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on 9/8/11 5:42 am - CA
You are doing just fine! I hit several stalls and felt the same way. I think our bodies are saying "whoa, are you trying to starve me to death?" and then just when you think you aren't going to lose anymore . . .whamo! The best advice that others have given me is to just relax. The weight will come off. Good luck to you!!
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on 9/8/11 6:05 am - FL
I'm close to you at 12 weeks out and i've been stalled for about 2 weeks.  I've been above average I think in my weight loss so far so I guess I can't complain.  I'm down almost 100 pounds.  I also stalled at week 3 for a week, but it started coming off again.  I think we're all so used to failing on diets that we think a stall means we failed again.  That isn't the case.  Our bodies just want us to slow down sometimes.  They say the stalls can last anywhere from a week to a few months.  You might consider changing up your exercise a little.  I can tell you that even though I have lost any weight in 2 weeks, I still lost over an inch on my waist.  I have no idea how that happens, but I'm not complaining.
on 9/8/11 6:08 am - OH
Stalls can happen at anytime.  I've known people that lost weight the first two weeks after surgery and then stalled for four or five weeks.  It's normal.  Just keep following your plan.

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on 9/8/11 6:26 am - Royal Oak, MI
I'm a little further out, and on a stall. I called the doctors office just because I was concerned. Kid you not, my NUT emailed me the following:

I hear you are getting frustrated with your weight?  My recommendations are to stop weighing your self, continue focusing on getting your protien in every day and find something in your closet that you know was too tight and try it on.  You are losing inches and your weight will start up again I promise.... let me know in 10 days if the scale has not moved but I know it will Keep up the good work you are going to be at your goal.

She's right. The weight WILL come off.


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on 9/8/11 7:13 am
I've lost 1/2 pound in the last two weeks! I feel your pain. I just switched up my activity so I'm hoping for different results this week.
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on 9/8/11 7:56 am - CA

Ok so from my understanding a stall is when you don't lose and you don't gain. Is that correct? I don't know what I am because I'm 9 weeks out now and as of last Saturday I was 211.7 and this morning I'm at 213 lbs which is only 22 lbs post op. I say only because I have been at this 20ish lbs lost for quite a while it seems. 3 weeks maybe? I kicked up my workouts last week and this week hoping to see the scale to move and I would have thought I'd be down more like 35 lbs by now. I get my 3 meals and all my protein and at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. I have noticed a loss in inches in a big way but I'm still a little frustrated. I think I'll email my NUT.