on 9/8/11 9:18 am
I am 18 days out.  I know very new yet.  I have only lost a whopping 12.4 pounds since the surgery.  I lost 15..4 lbs the two weeks on the liquid diet.  I have done what I am supposed to do.  I am trying to get the liquids in, at least 60 oz, 60 oz of protien and I excercise every day.  3.5 miles on the bike and 4 miles walking a day.  I have read about the dreaded 3 week stall.  I was ok with this a week ago, but have lost 1.4 lbs in the past 6 days.  Yikes.  I know....suck it up and be glad for the weight I have lost.  I decided to back off on the excercising and up the calories to 800 and protien and water and see if that helps.  I actually am doing 4 shakes today and some food to total that.  Agh...I guess I just needed to vent.  I see the others at 2-3 weeks that have lost quite a bit more.  I went back to work this week part time and that helped.  I just feel like I am failing at this too. 

Called the NUT and she said to keep doing what I am doing but to up the water to 8oz when I am excercising.  Still at 4oz soft/pureed for 3 meals and 2, 100 cal snacks.  Appearantly, I am following the plan, just need to be patient....not my strong suit.
on 9/8/11 9:24 am - OH
How much weight did you expect to lose in 18 days?

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on 9/8/11 9:49 am
I guess I thought I would at least lose what I did pre-op on the liquid diet, which was 15.4.  What is bothering me is the 1.4 lost in the last 6 days.  I have noticed that I feel thinner in my clothes.  I wonder about the amount of excercise.  Wonder if I am adding some muscle too.  Never excercised this much before the surgery. 

I do get your point.  Two months ago, this amount of weight lost in one month would have been amazing, I just forgot that this week.....I have to remember this is not a diet this is a change in lifestyle.  It will all work out.  I do feel good about the excercising though.  Finally found that I love to ride a bike and walk around the neighborhood.  That has been cool.
on 9/8/11 10:37 am - OH
You will have weeks you lose a lot, weeks you lose a little and weeks you lose nothing at all, even if you eat the same and exercise the same every week.  Weight loss just works that way.

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Please note: I AM NOT A DOCTOR.  If you want medical advice, talk to your doctor.  Whatever I post, there is probably some surgeon or other health care provider somewhere that disagrees with me.  If you want to know what your surgeon thinks, then ask him or her.    Check out my blog.


on 9/8/11 9:32 am - PA
Patience is a virtue that you will get over time.  Remember this is new eating habits for the rest of your life - you'll have lots of ups and downs before you get there.

As encouragement, you are further along than me, even though your surgery was later.  I still have trouble with getting everything in - I typically can only down about 300-400 cal in a day, and I exercise every day as well.  Many days, my weight stays the same, then every once in a while I'll drop 2-3 lbs in a day.  Typical weight loss in the first month isn't much more than 20 lbs for many people.
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on 9/8/11 9:32 am - NY
Hang in there.You may still be swollen inside and have some extra water weight.You are doing great with your exercise.Maybe you need some more calories or the exercise is turnig some of your protiens to muscle.You also may be losing inches and not even realizing it.You aren't failing you are doing everything your suppose to.Keep up the good work.
on 9/8/11 10:52 am - ROCKMART, GA
 Hang in there you will lose the weight.  You are doing great.  I had a full month that I did not lose 1 lbs and then all of a sudden the weight just felll off.  I am proud of the exercise and the amout of food and water you are getting in.
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on 9/8/11 10:57 am, edited 9/8/11 10:57 am - Lake Zurich, IL
Someone on here posted an analogy that I found very helpful early out.

Think of your weight loss as a race UP a skyscraper. Every so often you are going to need to stop at a landing and catch your breath, and then you can keep on going.

Your body needs to stop every so often to catch its breath as well, make sure that it's not losing essential fats necessary to remain healthy. Hang in there - it WILL start losing again, I promise!

My other favorite analogy is the one the NP gave at my surgeon's office: initially, your body is in free fall with the weight coming off, flailing it's arms and legs and yelling WTF at the top of its lungs because it believes it's going to starve. At some point, and that point varies for everyone, it realizes that it is NOT going to starve and cuts off the weight loss while it reorganizes what it believes it needs. Then the weight will come off again for a while, and then you may stall again for a bit. Either way, you will lose weight.

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on 9/8/11 12:25 pm - Shelbyville, MI
I say never back off on the exercising. YOU are doing fantastic! Debbiejean
on 9/8/11 1:28 pm - CA
I had surgery 2 days after you and have also lost 12 lbs. I think we are right on track. There are thousands of things that factor into individual weight much you lost before surgery, how much you have to lose after, monthly water weight, and so on. Please try not to compare your weight loss to others on here. Be sure to keep track of your measurements too. A loss doesn't only show up on the scale. Good luck to you and keep doing what you are doing!