Protein Shake Samples...How do you get them?

on 9/9/11 3:57 pm
Per the advice of you guys (thanks), I am going to find a protein shake in which I like pre op to enjoy post op.

So, as I read the posts and search the internet, I have found tons of shakes.  Is there a way in which you have been able to acquire samples of the shakes without having to purchase them?  Any websites in which you can sign up for them and/or protein bars?  

Any suggestions would be a great help!  Thanks!
on 9/9/11 4:03 pm - Chandler, AZ
RNY on 08/17/11 with has the best selection IMO. I also have ordered a 10 sample pack of Nectars from Both sites are great. 
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on 9/9/11 4:10 pm - Tallahassee, FL
There are lots of samples out there but most cost between $1-2 has tons of proteins that she sells in sample sizes. I got so many different ones in flavors I thought I'd like.
You can get sample packs at GNC and vitamin shoppe and they sell single bars and shakes at an affordable price so you're not spending toms of money on something you may not like! I know Chike gives samples and all you pay is $6 for the shipping. They send you a sample pack of all their flavors!
Your tastes will change post op and something you like now, you may not like after surgery! A lot of people will find a shake they love pre op so they spend the money on a big tub and they find they don't like it anymore after surgery! That's why the samples are great because you're able to try things that sound good without wasting money and protein!
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on 9/9/11 4:21 pm
I wanted to check out American Pure whey isolate so I sent an email to [email protected] and they told me how to get samples.  I believe I got 10 for $10.  They were great, especially the Cake Batter flavor.  I finallly wound up buying 20 lbs of unflavored because the price was reasonable and I could use it in a variety of things.

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Amy R.
on 9/9/11 5:45 pm
Here is a GREAT list of samples compiled by Teddi J.  If you use it, please take the time to thank her - it must have taken a lot of work to get all the info together.  =)  The list includes vitamins as well, and  while the products are not always completely "free" they generally are just charging a shipping/handling/processing type fee.  Please note too that all of the comments are hers, I have simply copied the majority of one of her posts verbatim with her permission.  
About Time Protein Products - 2 servings Total cost 2.99 TrialPack  

Unjury Starter Kit with Mixing bottle - 12 servings Cost 17.95+6.00 shipping arter-pack.html  

Click Coffee Protein Drinks - Email them first about a sample and they will email you a half price code for samples and the instructions on how to use it. You will then get 2 servings for about 3.00 Total.  

Bariatric Advantage Sample kit - They arent free anymore. it is 8.95 I dont remember shipping but is was some of everything they have for your surgery type. 0  

MY PERSONAL FAVORITE - Chike Nutrition - You pay 6.99 shipping for 5 servings.  

Celebrate Vitamins - Email form request and surgery type and they will send you a bunch for free. ronoformname=sample  

Bell Plantation PB2 - Peanut butter powder for shakes and cooking AWESOME! 3.99 shipping included. spb2-cpb2-1d.htm  

Building Blocks - Email them about samples, I think mine were free.  

Syntrax Nectar - 13 ct sample pack direct from the company is now $13.00 no shipping. Just call them at 866-333-7403. There is an option on the phone tree for bariatric.  

BJ Bariatrics - Nectar sample pack 12.92+5.00 shipping ore_Code=bjb&Product_Code=synSamplePack&Category_Code=syn  

Kaffree Roma - For those needing to get off coffee for a while or forever. Caffeine free and taste awesome. There product locater helps a lot most Martins carry it in the organic section. 698&id=302  

Designer Whey - Email them why you want samples and they send them.  

Set Point Health - Email them why you want samples and they will send you a list of what is available and send them.  

4Ever Fit - Email them that you would like to try the Fruit Blast Natural (truvia), the Fruit Blast the Isolate, and 4ever Whey Protein and why and they will send samples.  

Champion Nutrition - Email them that you would like to try the Champion Pure Whey and why and they will send samples.  

Ultimate Nutrition - Email or call that you would like to try the Prostar Whey and they will send samples.  

Permalean - Email that you would like to try the shakes and bars and they will send you some. I like these.  

Quest Protein - Fill out the form but they will take awhile to mail them to you.  

Premier Nutrition - My FAVORITE protein bar. Email them and tell them you want to try the Titan, Twisted and Premier Bar. They will also send shake samples. [email protected] or  

Focus 28 - Email that you would like to try their products and they will send you many.

Knock yourself out =)    Hope this helps somehow.
Kim H.
on 9/9/11 6:43 pm - VA
RNY on 07/11/11 with
I used BJ's Bariatrics to get Nectar samples because I could choose the flavors I wanted to try. Worked well sonce they are my favorite protein drink to date.
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on 9/10/11 1:03 am - OH
Well, everyone else has already told you where to get samples.  Just don't stock up on anything until after surgery.  Many people find things taste different after surgery and something you love pre op might taste terrible post op, especially in the beginning.

Also, keep in mind that the way you make a protein shake really changes the way it tastes.  You can mix most powders in either water or milk, and that makes a big difference.  Most of the I like to put in the blender with a handful of ice, but some brands get way too foamy for me in the blender.  Some you can just put in a glass and stir, but many brands will leave icky little clumps if you do that.  You can do hot protein drinks, too, and you can add other stuff besides just protein and liquid.

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