on 9/14/11 11:09 am - MN
Hello you Veteran weight loss surgery gang,
I am looking for for good puree recipes or suggestions.  If you could help me out that would be greatly appreciated. Have had 18 pound loss since surgery on 9/7 and feeling really good.  

Thanks much
Raynae S.
on 9/14/11 11:15 am - PA
I had surgery on Sept 2nd and I was just going to ask the same question. Great job on the weight loss!
on 9/14/11 12:01 pm
 My absolute favorite food at this stage was pureed Bean with Bacon Soup. It has a strong flavor that really satisfies your taste buds. Before you cook it, put it in the blender with a can of water and blend it well. Then, heat it on the stove and enjoy it! 

Custard (sugar free) is another real winner at this stage.

If you go to the bariatriceating.com website they have TONS of recipes for every phase of the weight loss surgery recovery.

Good luck!



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on 9/14/11 12:06 pm - OH
Ricotta cheese with some spaghetti sauce on top.  Just microwave.  Tastes like lasagna without the noodles.

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on 9/14/11 12:28 pm - MN
 i love chicken.  Today i made my chix stroganoff in teh crock pot which gets it really tender.  So i pureed that with some of the liquid.  Puree is almost making me sick (as in i am not looking forward to eating puree anymore sick..lol) but when i taste it its so good.  roasted chix with some gravy mixed in and pureed has been good.  I bought some split pea soup today and pureed it and it was good and refried beans melted with some cheese and topped with sour cream is awesome.  I take some pork chops fry them up and add some soy sauce when i fry it.  Put that in a pan with some ff cream of mushroom soup and some milk and cook that until the pork is tender either in the over or in the crock pot.  then puree that up with some of the soup mix.  
hope that helps a bit.

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