Burning muscle instead of fat

on 9/15/11 7:02 am - OR
I saw the doc a few days ago and he said I am still burning to much muscle instead of fat. I am down to 177lbs and and I would like to get down to about 135lbs. He wants me to stop losing weight. He wants me to up my calories to 1200. I don't know how I can eat that many calories. I struggle now trying to get in 900 calories. Anyone have any suggestions on how I can burn more fat instead of muscle and how I can up my calories without eating a lot of junk? Also on top of all of this I have an ulcer so I am not very hungry. I feel great though. Please help!
on 9/15/11 7:08 am - Tucson, AZ
Add a protein drink or two everyday.  It should help  How much protein are you getting in now per day?


on 9/15/11 7:53 am - OH
did you talk to your dietician about the best way to increase your calories?

Did you ask the doc how to burn more fat instead of muscle?

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on 9/15/11 8:02 am - Fort Campbell, KY
A protein shake will probably help in both areas.
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on 9/15/11 8:22 am - OH
How does he know that your are "burning" muscle and not fat? 

It is a curious statement (as is the suggestion to just increase the calories) since the fat is the most readily available source of energy for your body to use when you are not getting enough CALORIES and the only reason you would lose muscle is if you are not getting enough PROTEIN...  so just increasing your calories won't stop muscle wasting... but upping your protein will even if you don;t significantly increase the calories.


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on 9/15/11 9:53 am
that makes soooo much sense Lora,,,i was worried about this very thing for myself that whole issue always seemed so complicated to me, you made it so easy for me to understand,,thank you.
on 9/15/11 1:30 pm - OR
Lora, he attaches these electrodes to my foot and my hand. I always thought this was a weird way to measure if I am burning fat or muscle. My hands and my feet have always been really skinny even when I was at my highest weight. He is an endocrinologist and he says that this is how he can tell that I am burning more muscle than fat. He said I am burning fat just more muscle than fat. That's when he asked me about my protein intake and I told him I drink two drinks a day that has 30 grams in them each. He said I need to continue that and add resistance excercise to my walking. I already do that. I just don't think I can make this guy happy. I feel good about the weight I have lost and I think I look pretty damn good. I am going to try and add some more resistance excercise to my routine and see if that helps. I still need to figure out how to add more calories when I really am not that hungry.
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