Help! Old habits wanting to creep in!

Laura R.
on 9/23/11 9:34 pm - PA
I am 10 months post op and down 134 pounds. Feel great, and on top of the world but feel that old eating habits are creeping in and have been for a bit now. I tend to graze during the day. For the first time in over 5 years I am alone all day during the week, kids, no husband and depression i****ting hard with this. I have tried reading, working on the computer, and I am even taking a swimming class one day a week to ease and settle my mind. In my mind I know it is head hunger, but I find myself creeping into the kitchen wanting to and giving into the "hunger". I am up four pounds and that has me even more upset. Any suggestions? I have worked too hard to let this happen now!!!
Price S.
on 9/23/11 9:42 pm - Mills River, NC
Between my 4 meals a day and drinking inbetween each, there isn't much time for grazing.  Try planning everything then you will only have a few minutes between and it is easier to wait.

Take a walk, start a fall garden, pick up crafts, start knitting a sweater, take a class, volunteer at the hospital, animal shelter, whereever.  There are many things you can do to get out and about.

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on 9/23/11 9:53 pm, edited 9/23/11 10:01 pm
You might want to up your exercise and exercise classes. I'm a grazer also, and I do 6 small planned meals and snacks a day emphasizing protein, which works for me. I also stay out of the kitchen, as well as not buying anything tempting.

I agree with increasing your activities to get out of the house more. Volunteer work can be very rewarding.

Re: your depression, seek therapy, preferrably someone who specializes in eating disorders. Medication can be helpful.

Get yourself distracted, out of the house, and around other people!

Congratulations on your weight loss! That has been a lot of hard work!

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Alice P.
on 9/23/11 10:07 pm
Get the food you are grazing on out of the house! Start writing down everything you eat and what you are FEELING when you eat to help you identify why you are eating. Find a WLS counselor and start meeting with them--it helped me a lot! How much are you drinking each day? Thirst can be mistaken for hunger as well--up the amount you drink. Exercise it will help with the depression.

Don't give up on yourself--you have worked to hard and come to far to slip back into old habits. You deserve to be healthy, but it's going to take some work on your part to deal with the head stuff.
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on 9/24/11 12:30 am - OH
What about getting out of the house more?  Go to the library to read - they dont have food there!  If you have a laptop, take it to Starbucks or Panera, buy a drink or sensible snack (make your choice before you get there), and work on your computer there.  Go for a walk.  What about getting a part time job or doing some volunteer work?

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