Ulcers and lesson from Doc 4.5 weeks out.

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Just saw the Doc for my 1 month check and am being treated for an ulcer at the stoma/stomach attachment.  It started wed morning when I threw up and got worse the past few days until when I saw the doc on Friday. 

Started with being nauseated with food on Wednesday, then the next day nauseated with everything, and by the time Friday rolled around it was a lot of pain constantly, like someone took a flame thrower to my stomach.  I felt better when I had nothing in my stomach at all.  I say this for all of the newbies like me that are clueless...lol

Took a tumble and fell on my bike Tuesday.  The seat hit my stomach area.  Anyway, bottom line is that I am now only to WALK for the next two weeks and am taking Carafate and Pepcid for a month and back to liquids for 3-4 days.  Have to say I felt relief within 10 minutes of the first dose of meds.  Whew!

I also found out something interesting.  I was following my plan really well, but was not losing consistently.   Water, Vitamins etc and was eating about 4oz for my 3 meals and 2oz for my 2 snacks.  Getting in about 800-1000 cals a day.  I was told that I am in starvation mode as I have been exercising alot, and I am to up my calories to about 1000-1200, but that they need to be good calories, not crap.  (Will speak with the dietitian on how to do that next week.)  Also was told I can eat 4oz to 8oz for my meals now.  I read alot about people here not eating much at all and wondered if my pouch was too big.  Doc said we are all different and reading what is happening to others is great to get a general idea, but we are all individuals and have different issues so to literally support the others, but follow YOUR doctor and YOUR plan.  At 4.5 weeks I have been comparing myself in weight loss and diet to everyone else's.  I REALLY needed to hear that from him. 

Just hoping next week is better. 
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Oh man....so sorry about the ulcer.  OUCH, OUCH....Glad that you have addressed the problem.  I agree with the doctor, it is nice for us to read each others story to learn and to inspire each other but comparing ourselves to other is not a good idea....but to do so is only human.  I do it and it is probably not the best thing for me BUT this forum is a God-send as the information and the connection you make with others in the same situation and experiencing the same thing is invaluable.  Thanks for your post.  You are doing GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Enjoy the ride.

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I did not mean to imply that the forum is not awesome.  I am SOO grateful that the vets keep answering the newbies posts even if it is the same thing over and over...lol.  This has been a wonderful thing for me to be able to talk about anything and everything.  This forum has been wonderful for me. 
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Am I reading this correctly, you are being told that at 4 weeks out you are supposed to be increasing your portion size from 4 ounces to 8 ounces? and to eat 1200 calories? How on earth can you get that in a tiny little pouch that is the size of an egg? Unless he made your pouch much bigger than most, you aren't supposed to be eating more than 1 to 2 ounces at the beginning - I couldn't eat 4 ounces at a time until I was about 7 or 8 months out - I still dont' think I could eat 8 ounces and I am almost 3 years out. That sounds crazy to me.

The way we lose rapid the first few months is by having low calories and if you eat 1200 calories, how are you going to lose? We ate about 600 calories the first few months. 1 to 2 ounces 6 to 8 times per day. I understand that all plans are different, I just dont' understand how you could fit 8 ounces of food in your pouch at 4 weeks out - even 4 ounces sounds like way too much. The problem is at the beginning you get the feeling of fullness, something to do with the nerves and it takes a couple of months for the sensation to come back. This is why you just have to eat a certain amount and stop and not try to eat until full or you will overeat.

One more thing, if you have an ulcer - carafate is great but pepcid isnt' strong enough. YOu need to get prevacid 30mg which you can get over the counter. Do youself a favor and buy some. This is the recommended medication for ulcer healing.


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I know that sounds crazy, from what I have been reading on the boards, but they have had us eating 4 oz of soft, pureed from the first post-op at 10 days, three times a day and 2oz at each snack.   I have been able to eat that much since then and have not had any issues.  I have been eating 800-1000 cal since then too.  I called the office and they stated that as long as it was good cals and I went over my stuff with her on the phone as I was worried.   I have been following the plan and do stop at the 4oz and am excercising alot-actually too much.  I was able to ride my bike 3 miles a day, with the doctors permission 1 week out.   I have been able to drink 4 oz since the second day of surgery.  I have followed it exactly and am down 38.6as of today. 

Believe me, I asked him about this at my one month appt on friday.  He was very nice but firm about the fact that we are all different and that this is what he wants me to do.  It is working for me.  He is the most skilled surgeon in my area and has had great success over 20 years which is why I went to him.  He has people many years out doing well at the support groups so I will just follow the plan.  I am as baffled as you, but it is in black and white in our books and he is a center of excellence so I don't know what to say.  I am back on liquids until tuesday for the ulcer and then progress to the new food phase.  I just got past the pureed and soft and now get to add some veges and fruits. 

I will get the prevacid today as I had an ulcer years ago and that is what I was on.  Thanks for responding.