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on 9/26/11 6:17 am - MO
I had surgery on august 31st, I had some issues and 4 hours after my first surgery I wound back in surgery. I have been to the er for fluids and they did a catscan with contrast. Well as far as my surgery goes everything looked ok from what they could see on the scans BUT they found a groth on my adrenal gland. .. I followed up with my primary care doc today. She was talking to me about some of the options and said theirs a possibilaty I may need a surgery to remove it but she is going to send me to a specialist and we will go from their.

Here is the issue. IM TERRIFIED...

When I had my RNY surgery 4 hours later I was rushed back in to surgery my heart rate was 175 and they had a crash cart by me. I had internal bleeding and lost over 6 pints of blood. they had to trans fuse me and my surgeon restitched everything because she couldnt see where it was comming from. My surgeon said she had never had a complication with that much blood and I was close to dying..

Im terrified to go under the knife again. I cant!!!!!!!!! I have 3 kiddos that need their momma. I know it sounds a little like im jumping the gun but just to here her say it scares me.

After I had my first surgery and they told me I had to go back in I had never been more scared in my life.  What do I do?

on 9/26/11 6:40 am
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I'm sorry you are faced with the possibility of surgery again and can understand your fear about it.  However, before you start getting too upset, wait and see what the specialist says.  Sometimes they will simply monitor something like that so you may be worrying for nothing.  If the time comes and you have to face the real possibility of needing surgery, it might help to see a therapist to deal with what sounds like a fairly traumatic experience for you.  He or she may be able to help you cope with the reality in a way that doesn't leave you quite so terrified.

Here's to good news,

on 9/26/11 6:44 am - Brandenburg, KY
I am sorry you have had to go through this.  I know it is hard but wait until you go to the specialist and see what they say before panic sets in.  If you have to have surgery hopefully it wont be as big a surgery as the rny.   My thoughts and prayers are with you. 
on 9/26/11 6:52 am - Sedalia, MO
Lordy have mercy! Poor Lady! I can't imagine going through all of tfhat. We go to the same doctor as we have talked about before but we had different surgeons... I had De La Torre. I can see how you would be scared to have another surgery. My heart rate was sky high too when I got out of surgery and I had to have a heart monitor on but by day two it FINALLY went back to normal. They told me it was due to all the stress my body was under. On the bright side you won't have her as your surgeon again for this new surgery you are needing. My best advice I guess would be to weigh the pro's and con's. I don't know much about your "condition" so I don't know iff it serious or not. Good luck though!! I hope if you do have surgery again you get better results and simplicity.
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on 9/26/11 7:19 am - MO
Yes It was a crazy mess. I was in the icu for 4 out of my 6 day stay. Even after they got my internal bleeding under control my heart rate was still hovering in the 140s for the frist night. When I woke up from my second surgery I still had the tube that was breathing for me down my throat. My mom was sitting next to me and I tried to pull it out and they tied my hands down. So I layed their with tears running down my face trying to talk and nothing would come out. I tried to tell my mom to take it out but i couldnt talk, my mom was crying to and said something to the nurse and finally they knocked me back out.
It was the most horrifying thing I ever been thru..

Thanks for the advice!

LaToya S.
on 9/26/11 6:55 am - Edwardsville, IL
What part of MO are you from? I am very close to STL but on the IL side.
I hope you are able to get treatment without having to have surgery again, it can be hard once you have had a bad experience.
Keep thinking positive thoughts and everything will work out for the best.


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on 9/26/11 7:11 am - MO
Thanks ladies. I know im jumping the gun but im just scared to even think about it. I appreciate all of your well wishes and prayers. Im about 100 miles from ST. Louis im out by Fort Wood.
on 9/26/11 9:19 am - KY
Spreading good luck your way... i wish you the bst and maybe nothing will be as bad as it seems. dont stress until you know something for sure and just pray about it all. HUGGS!!
on 9/26/11 9:26 am - Mesa, AZ
 AWW you made me cry.. :(

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on 9/26/11 9:47 am - OH
Wait until you see the specialist.  Maybe you don't need surgery.  Maybe there are other options.

If the specialist does recommend surgery, explain what happened with your WLS.  Have your surgeon send a copy of your records to the specialist so he/she can see exactly what happened.  Ask him/her what he/she will do to prevent something similar from  happening again.

You know what else?  I wouldn't be surprised if you had some PTSD following that awful experience of waking up with the tube still in your throat.  I had very severe pneumonia shortly after my RNY and I had to be on a respirator for a few days.  Luckily I was out of it most of that time.  But they had to restrain my hands too.  I already had PTSD so maybe you can imagine how well that went over.  It is traumatic.  You might want to talk to a therapist about it.

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