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on 9/29/11 11:29 am - Altamont, IL
Hello everyone..I am two months out of surgery and have lost 52 pounds..but today I think I did a big NO NO. I have about 6 oz of Diet Dr. Pepper.I met some friends and decided to splurge and have a small soda.  I didn't drink it all but was told not to have soda after you gotten RNY surgery.  Has anyone else done this? Will this hurt my pouch?
Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 9/29/11 11:36 am - OH
My surgeon forbids sodas until 3 months post-op, but at two months out, you are probably healed enough that there isn't much risk of having hurt your pouch, especially if it did not cause you any discomfort.

There are many RNYers who drink diet soda post-op.  There are a number of good reasons to avoid it (or minimize it), but do NOT believe anyone who tells you that it will stretch your pouch (or stoma) because that is NOT true.


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on 9/29/11 11:44 am - OH
Yes, I've had diet soda.  I don't like it much so I rarely drink it, but I have had it.

No, it will not hurt your pouch.

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Samantha L.
on 9/29/11 12:02 pm - Petaluma, CA
 I can't drink soda anymore, because it causes me discomfort.  It shouldn't do any damage, though.  =]