When will I feel hungry again?

on 10/11/11 7:07 am - MO
I am about 6 weeks out from surgery. I have had some issues but I'm able to tolerate my protein shakes again. I still don't feel hungry. I eat 3 tiny portions a day usually only 2 or 3 small bites is all i can tolerate with out feeling uncomfortable. I have no desire to eat. Nothing even sounds good any more. I'm only getting about 40 to 50 grams or protein in and that's pushing it. I don't know if its due to the second surgery I had and they had to go into my pouch? I'm not sure Ive seen other posters hungry right away or with in a week.

Is this normal? Will my hunger come back soon?
Any advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!
on 10/11/11 7:11 am - OH
No one here can tell you when you will feel hunger again.  You might feel hungry tomorrow.  You might not feel hunger for another year or more.

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on 10/11/11 7:16 am - MO
Thanks for the response Kelly. I hope it dont take a year!
on 10/11/11 7:17 am - PA
 I am 6 months out and I still do not feel hunger. Which I actually like it has helped alot with my changeing my eating habits.
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on 10/11/11 7:21 am - VA
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Either reaction is normal.  I get hungry (both kinds)  other's don't.  Even if you hadn't had the issues you had, 2 or 3 bites can be normal too.  I'm on the mushy period. (bit behind you) but they want me on mushy up to two months after surgery and they recommend 4T of food per meal.  It's really not a lot.

they even said if I had bother (i don't) but if I did to not worry about forcing myself if I can only mangae eating 3T.  It might be harder for you because you had that second op.  Try and get the 3T in per meal.  If it really is too hard, give your nut a call.

HOw is your fluids?  Make sure you get them in. (I know. -YOu never heard that before!)  If the protein seems like a lot, put it in 4 fl.oz of liquid.   Sometimes, that's what I do if I don't feel like drinking a lot of protein.  I use the Jay Robb mostly which has 25g a scoop so I always get my 50 g in a day.

Good luck.

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on 10/11/11 7:22 am, edited 10/11/11 7:22 am - Raleigh, NC

There are several things that may be playing a role in your sense of hunger. First of all, there is a hormone known as Ghrelin. This is the hormone that alerts our brains that we are hungry. They aren't yet sure how and why, but apparently there is an interruption in this hormone. How long it takes your body to produce it again varies. There is also the issue of the swelling that occurs when your pouch is constructed and this is part of what contributes to the extreme restriction that you currently feel. Over time as the pouch heals you will be able to consume more. It takes a year or more for you to get to the point where you will be eating what will become 'normal' volumes for you. (For example, I now eat about 8 to 10 ounces at a sitting.) Finally, depending on your personal anatomy, you may have had some of the nerves that tell your brain that your pouch is full severed and it may take some time before they 'awaken' again. 

My words of advice would be to talk with your program about your eating schedule. I know that my program wants us to eat 5 to 6 times a day... I still do that, with three meals and two to three snacks a day. This keeps your metabolism burning all day, which is a good thing. Also, it allows you more opportunity to consume more protein and eventually complex carbs that will be nutrient rich.

BTW... I felt hunger early on, but husband didn't until much later; What I'm saying is that this varies from one person to the next. 

It does get better, but it takes time.

Hang in there! 

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on 10/11/11 7:34 am, edited 10/10/11 7:36 pm
Hunger is different for each individual. I had to force myself to get my fluids and protein in for the first 4 months because of chronic nausea. The nausea left and my hunger came back.

Do whatever you can to force the fluids and protein- it is so important! You might want to up the frequency with which you are eating, or up the frequency of your protein shakes. Shakes are the easiest way to get protein in.


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on 10/11/11 7:36 am, edited 10/11/11 7:38 am - MO
Thanks for the replies, My plan calls for 3 meals a day up to 1/2 a cup of food. I don't even come close to that. I can't tolerate sweet beverages anymore so I only drink water or a cut of diluted apple juice or sometimes ill put a lemon and 1 packet of sweetener in my water. However I do get at least 64 oz in a day. The protein shakes are a bit harder. I drink 1in the morning and 1 at night but I usually have an ounce or 2 left that I cant finish.
 As far as eating goes, I eat a few bites of scrambled egg with cheese for breakfast, I eat usually 1 wheat cracker with either budding meat and cheese or tuna mixed with hard boiled egg and mayo for lunch, And dinner I eat a few bites of whatever I fix the kids for dinner.

I use the unjury strawberry sorbet protein, I cant handle the chocolate or vanilla flavors they taste to sweet to me.

Does it sound like an OK eating plan?

Some of the issues I have is I never feel hungry so I cant really tell when I'm full, I do sometimes feeling uncomfortable? but it usually goes away with in a few minutes but by that time I'm scared to eat anymore. I was on meds for nausea and thankfully I don't need them anymore but I'm still in the same boat as far as eating goes.

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on 10/11/11 8:43 am - Santa Cruz, CA
Honey, at your stage, anything you can get into your pouch is good!  Except for refined carbs, that

If you don't have a "full" sensation, that's not uncommon.  You need to learn your own "High Level
Alarm" and when you get it, quit eating. 

For instance, my HLA is when my nose starts to run.  When I get the sniffles, I quit.  Even if there
is still food on my plate.  That was a hard message to deal with!  After all those years of "clean
up your plate" !!!  Anyway, if you get the sniffles, quit eating.  Some people belch, others hiccup;
whichever happens to you, stop eating.  You might only get 2 or 3 oz. into you;  it doesn't matter
right now.  Just quit eating.

It's all a new territory for all of us.

By the way, have you tried the Syntrax Nectar Lemon Tea or Capuccino flavors?  They make a
nice change.

Best wishes,
on 10/11/11 7:46 am
Put yourself on protein shakes, you absolutely NEED the protein.  Focus on your protein.

That being said, can I please just say... enjoy not having an appetite for a while.  It can, and WILL come back, with a vengeance.  


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