Thought I'd Share my email with you !

on 10/19/11 10:53 am
I received this email below from the Bariatric Surgery Program Coordinator, thought I'd share 


thought you would be interested in the following page from MedlinePlus®, the National Library of Medicine's consumer health web site:

Weight loss after surgery seen in patient's family

URL of this page: l (* this news item will not be available after 01/15/2012)

From MedlinePlus (, 24 Hour Health Information.

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on 10/19/11 12:07 pm - Yarmouth, ME
The link didn't work for me... 
~Amy   165 lbs down!  My journey on YouTube:

Trish S.
on 10/20/11 12:25 am - Upstate , NY
RNY on 12/05/11 with

me neither......

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