Difference Between Crystal Light and Diet Caffeine Free Sodas?

on 10/25/11 9:01 am - Panama City, FL
I want to know what the difference is between Crystal Light drinks and any Diet Caffeine Free Soda besides the carbonated water.

The reason I ask is I have not found any Crystal Light or Decaf Iced Tea or anything that I like to drink. I have tried MANY flavors, wasting my money and frankly not getting enough to drink.

So, since I know it's very bad not to get in enough liquids, I have been doing what is supposed to be a NO NO which is drink diet sodas like Diet Mug Root Beer (no caffeine), Diet Orange Soda and Diet Grape soda all of which also have no caffeine.

I have no upset stomach or extra gas from drinking it and it's enabled me along with water to get in more liquids.

Now, do I wish I liked Crystal Light so I could feel good about doing the "right thing"?? Of course, but truly one cannot make themselves like something they simply do not like.

So, anyone else doing this or is it just me?

By the way, I was drinking only water for weeks until I got to the point that I started dreading having to drink another bottle of water because you just get sick of it when that is the ONLY thing you drink.

It seemed to me that the only things I've read on here about not drinking diet sodas was the caffeine (which I am drinking caffeine free diet sodas) and if the carbonation bothers your pouch, (which it does not bother mine).

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on 10/25/11 9:20 am
So drink them.


on 10/25/11 9:47 am - Meadville, PA
I asked my surgeon about this. He told me that carbonation does not stretch the pouch and as long as I can handle the carbonation then I could drink it. I have heard on here though that carbonation leaches calcium out of your bones. I have drank a little diet caffeine soda since he told me this although I don't make it a daily habit. Before surgery I was addicted to diet coke/pepsi and don't want to fall back into that cycle.

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on 10/25/11 10:06 am
My surgeon also told me that if I tolerated carbonation, I was welcome to drink soda. He had the same surgery and drinks diet soda himself. I've had a sip or two of Diet Pepsi on several occasions, but I usually feel kind of "bloaty" while I'm drinking it. It's not painful, but it's just not super comfy.
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on 10/25/11 10:12 am
Have you tried using Mio water flavors?  One of the nurses introduced it to me when I was in the hospital.  You're able to control how much flavor you want.  It's not the best thing I've ever had in my life, but in all honesty, it's not bad...  

I have to admit I'm dying for a diet Mt. Dew, but I'm going to wait on that...  :)  Good luck finding something you like!!
on 10/25/11 12:30 pm - Panama City, FL
Yes, I've tried the Mio flavorings and I don't like them either.
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Scherrie Tappin
on 10/25/11 10:24 am - CT
Hi Wynter, the only thing I've read about diet soda is it's no better for you than regular soda. Apparently, it's bad for your kidneys. As far as the Crystal Light goes, the Splenda can't be any better for you either. Both contain artificial sweetners which drinking in moderation would be fine, but drinking them to replace water for hydration is not good! I'm 5 months out and I still just drink water. I've had 1/2 can of gingerale a while back for an upset stomach, and that was that! I don't desire too drink anything other than my coffee in the mornings, sometimes a cup of milk for added protein, but I really stick to good ole' water because it really is the best for you! No added chemicals, preservatives, colorings, nothing! Just good old water!  I taught myself to love it, and this is how....I think about how much I would miss it and die of thirst if water was dried up all over the world, or not having any clean water to drink like in the third world countries. It's a gift and it's something our bodies need for proper functioning. We have to desensitize ourselves from the way we used to approach food. Survival, water, limited amounts of good, nutritionally sound food. That's the way I look at it. Right now, I haven't had any desire for chips, cookies, cakes, candy, soda, none of that! I'm really grateful about that because I was seriously addicted to junk. Sometimes I just strictly vegetarian for the day, andyou know what, it's not all that bad! A new way of thinking. 

I understand a lot of people don't like water, and there was a time when I didn't either. But I taught myself to like it, because it's healthier for me. But just reiterating, diet anything can't be too good for anybody and eventually it will take a toll on your body.  God bless!
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on 10/25/11 10:35 am - NY
I was a big soda drinker for years. I used to drink 10-12 cans of regular pepsi a day. I drank nothing else. But I quit that in 1992 ans switched to diet root beer. I have not had a soda since my surgery on Aug 23. Only occasionally would I like to have one. But I'm staying away from them as long as I can.
on 10/25/11 10:40 am
I would love diet grape soda, I've looked and cant find it either at walmart or frys

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on 10/25/11 12:31 pm - Panama City, FL
I get the Diet Grapico. It's available at Walmart, Publix, etc. in Florida, not sure about where you are.
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