YUM!!! Protein'd? Cheese Sauce, by UNJURY® Protein

Angie H.
on 11/7/11 9:30 am - TN
Has anyone tried it? I (reluctantly) ordered some because I struggle to keep my protein up. I was reluctant because most all protein has an offensive odor ... AND I really haven't found a mixable shake that I can tolerate ... But since they have an money back guarantee, I thought I would give it a try....

Got it in today.....No realy "odor," and OMGoodness!! It taste really good!! There is 21 gm of protein in a scoop. I mixed a scoop in 3 tablespoons of ho****er (directions say about 130 degrees - because of the clumping I think) and I poured about 2 tablespoons over some ground turkey with sauteed onions and it was DELISH!!

I plan on trying to get at least 2/3 scoop (about 14gm protein) daily to really BOOST my protein!! I am pretty excited! I figure if my "early out finicky pouch" can tolerate it (even LIKE it) that anyone can!!!!

Just wanted to share!!!!!
Price S.
on 11/7/11 9:38 am - Mills River, NC
thanks for posting this.  I used their chicken soup early out because it was something that wasn't sweet and I was so sick of sweet.  I haven't looked at their stuff in a while so I didn't even know this exsisted.  but I love cheese and use it in lots of cooking.  sounds wonderful.

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dori M.
on 11/7/11 10:30 am - MD
my curiosity has definitely been peaked
on 11/7/11 11:21 am
 saw his and was curious as well.  Unjury is going to be at our support group next month....I hope they have samples!
Donna D.
on 11/7/11 11:30 am - Cockeysville, MD
Thanks for the info! I was actually on the unjury website trying to price the unflavored Protien, and I saw it and was scared to try it, but I have been trying to buy stuff that I like and mostly get that much needed protien in! So thanks again I will give it a try!

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on 11/7/11 11:43 am - TX
I just ordered the cheese flavor and also the unflavored protein powder.  Here is hoping it is good.  I love cheese on a lot of things and think it will help witht the protein....
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