Obsess much

on 11/27/11 11:39 pm - PA
After many years of soul searching and research, I have decided on RNY surgery.  I have gone through all my pre-op qualifications and have a surgery date of 12/19/11.  For those that have had or are soon having surgery, did it consume your every thought?  I go to sleep thinking about surgery, wake up thinking about it, think about it at work.....................
on 11/27/11 11:47 pm - MN
Oh yea. Your normal.....or we could both be abnormal. Lol it was my first surgery so it was all I thought about.
on 11/28/11 12:01 am - Evangeline , LA
It should consume all of you! pray about it!!! Hang in there!!! you have to want it so bad! you have to know you can do it!!! And you can! Keep your chin up!
on 11/28/11 12:03 am - MO
RNY on 05/29/12
I dont' have a surgery date yet (pre-op phase) but I obsess about it daily.  Ok, more than daily.  It's frustrating to wait things out.
(deactivated member)
on 11/28/11 12:05 am
Yep, guilty as charged. I'm scheduled this Wednesday, 11/30. I was thought I was obsessed for the last six months as I was getting everything down and learning what I could but now at this point is really consuming me. I think it's more anxiety at this point but I can't think about anything else. I'm trying to work and cannot focus. If I didn't have other responsibilities, I'd consider taking Ambien round the cloc****il it was time to head to the hospital... that's how bad it is!!! 

Good luck!
on 11/28/11 12:20 am - PA
OMG - Yes, yes, yes!  I can't imagine what I will be like when I am 2 days out!  The anxiety is overwhelming.  I wish you the best of luck and wait to hear how everything goes for  you.  Thanks for responding!

on 11/28/11 12:24 am - PA
Thanks to everyone for responding.    It really helps knowing there are so many people that are dealing with or have dealth with the same feelings!!!
Michelle V.
on 11/28/11 1:25 am - Livonia, MI
I'm having my surgery 12/14 and yes it's natural to obsess about it. Have I bought everything I need, will my work come through with the stuff I need to work from home, will the surgeon's office fill out all my HR paperwork, etc....
on 11/28/11 2:33 am
My surgery was on 8/12 and From February right up to the day of my surgery it seemed every minute of my life was consumed by tests, weigh-in's, insurance paperwork, approvals and worrying about how much life was about to change.

For me, it was actually more stressful anticipating the surgery versus afterwards. Just be sure to follow your doctor's instructions and you will be fine. I wish you all the best.
Lisa Jean            
Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 11/28/11 2:59 am - OH
Yes, it is VERY common for it to consume your thoughts pre-op.  It will continue to consume your thoughts post-op as well because you have to be so focused on getting enough water and protein and vitamins in afterward.  By about 8 months out, I was SO sick of being so focused on my weight and what I was eating and when.  Now that I am 4 years out, though, my life is completely back to normal.  I have to be conscious of what I eat, of course, but the RNY is no longer the center of my life.  It took well over 2 years for me to get to that point, though.


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