Reached goal today!!!

on 11/29/11 3:30 am - NC
The day I thought would never come has arrived. It is a good feeling to finally succeed at weight loss. Praise the Lord!!! Also, thanks for all the advice and support I get from reading everyones posts. I learn new things everyday!


HW 225, SW 219, GW 140, CW 124

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!  

on 11/29/11 3:35 am - San Antonio, TX

Age at RNY: 55, Height: 5'4", Consultation Weight: 331 lbs-12/1/2009, RNY Surgery Weight: 281 lbs-3/22/2010, Goal Weight Reached: 141 lbs-6/23/2011, Lowest Weight: 126 lbs-12/11/2011

Current Age: 61, Current Weight: 161 lbs-5/20/2016Total Weight Loss Maintained: 170 lbs  


on 11/29/11 3:44 am
Awesome!!!  Congrats!!!
High Weight 278; consult weight 234; Surgery Weight 219 Surgeon's Goal Weight 150 -10/27/10  -  Personal goal weight 140 - Achieved 12/11/10  
on 11/29/11 3:48 am - TX
RNY on 10/24/11 with
Congratulations! Bask in the wonder of it all!
on 11/29/11 3:49 am - New Carrollton, MD
RNY on 08/22/11 with
HW & SW: 363     Surgery date: 8/22/11    
Jamie B.
on 11/29/11 3:49 am - MI
Congrats!! What a great day. Great job on all your hard work!!
on 11/29/11 3:57 am
 Congtatulations!!!!! Job well done. Keep up the great work
on 11/29/11 4:00 am - FL
God is good! Wishing you many more blessings and continued success!
Amber B.
on 11/29/11 4:03 am
on 11/29/11 4:16 am
How wonderful, and great that you can still learn new stuff even after that journey.... congrats!


Highest weight: 340
Surgery weight: 313
Surgery date: 10/24/11
Current weight 165... 185 pounds lost!!!!

I am not a doctor, but I play one at work.