note to self...marsala wine..

on 12/2/11 5:37 am - brielle , NJ
when making a new recipe (marsala chicken) stay away from drinking the marsala wine!! holy **** thats some strong stuff!! i just wanted to taste it and drank a little cup of am i feeling good right now!! bwahhhhh! just wanted to share! im almost two years out by the way and this is the first time i have had any my spellling ****** up??? i hope not. anyway happy holidays to you all! have fun with your journey and enjoy the weight the way i just bought a pair of jeans size 10!! reallyyyyyy never in my life was i a size 10!! yeahhh me ! and to celebrate i bought my first coach bag ever!! merry christmas to me! and all of you too.!!
oh yes one more thing..much love to this sight. ive learned a lot here and some of the people that are here and take their time to answer everyone's questions all the time  are just awesome people! ok i think im done lol .
ill let you all know how that chicken marsala came out when im sober enough.
Trish S.
on 12/2/11 6:12 am - Upstate , NY
RNY on 12/05/11 with
  Your post made me laugh!!!  Congrats on your weight loss and you sound like a lot of fun!!!  Wish I was there with you!  Merry Christmas to you too!!!
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on 12/2/11 7:28 am
 A friend of mine had this surgery 10 years ago. I was with her when she had her first sip of alcohol. Oh my goodness, she became a cheap date!!!!!!! 
on 12/2/11 8:37 am - West Chester, PA
 not to mention how bitter it is! the first time me and my mom made chicken marsala we tried it and it was gross. so good once its cooked though

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