How much are you eating 3 months out?

on 12/3/11 9:42 am - MN
For those of you who are 3 months or going on 3 months out, I would just like to know what your portions sizes are.  Are you able to eat 1/4 cup or more?  Thanks for your responses, this would really help me. According to my surgeon and nutritionist instructions, I am to be eating 1/4 maximum per meal.
on 12/3/11 10:08 am - MN
 lol....i had surgery august 25th and i just ate about 3 1/2 oz of shrimp (grilled), about 1/8 cup of lentil pilaf and some vegies.  I am sure that is more than 1/4 cup...i would starve if i ate that little. I guess i was basically told to eat until i feel that full feeling and i figure i am eating about 1/2 cup to 2/3 cup.  i eat 3 meals a day and usually a snack at night.  I normally eat 1/2 cup oatmeal for breakfast or cottage cheese or a couple egg whites.  I eat protein (i had a chicken breast Hillshire farms grilled essentials) and some roasted carrots for lunch.  i will have cottage cheese or some crackers and cheese for snack later.  I get about 800 calories a day and seem to be losing well.  I have been doing lots of tea drinking and water lately too.  I dont' really get hungry between meals either.  

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on 12/3/11 10:18 am - MN
Thanks for your reply because I eat much the same way that you do.  I am following the plan but what I do is eat until I'm feeling full but not uncomfortable because it doesn't take much for me to get that uncomfortable feeling.  I am eating 3 meals a day but do very little snacking.  I concentrate hard on eating my protein and getting my fluids in daily along with required vitamins.  As far as hunger goes, I'mn still in that phase where hunger has not returned yet.  So for me, I would say I'm eating at least 1/2 per meal.  But, if I followed strict instructions from nutritionist, I would still only be eating maximum of 1/4 cup per meal.  I am still losing weight steadily with how I am eating so will continue.  Thanks again for your helpful reply.  It really helps me to know what others are doing so that I feel like I'm on track.
jennifer W.
on 12/3/11 12:08 pm
I can eat a bit more then a 1/4 cup each meal. I let the full feeling let me know I'm done. Most of the people in my meetings can eat more then me.
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on 12/3/11 12:56 pm
 My breakfast consists of rolled oats w/ egg.  Oatmeal qty is two tablespoons of dry oats with milk.  It swells up to about 1/4 to 1/3 cup.  Today I had an egg omelet with diced ham, asparagus,  and cheese.  I had a hard time eating all of it but I needed the protien so I just ate a few bites and got up and walked around a little.  It took me over 30 min to finish.  Eggs seem to do that to me.   Salads are deceiving and look like more than is actually there.  My plate is a cup saucer or a small custard cup I am trying to just use a small space for food.  Clear as mud?

I picture my egg size pouch and judge the amount that will fit.  Less than 1/2 cup.  If it is too much it will come back up for sure.  My nutritionist said to quit when I feel full.  I am out for three months now.  Short enough time to still have questions but long enough that I forget to eat and take my vitamins.
on 12/4/11 11:37 am
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I was eating 1/2 cup and was recently increased to 3/4 cup as tolerated by NUT. I eat my 2 oz protein first, then a veggie until I'm full. Depend on the protein, as to how much of the veggie I can eat. Calories about 800/day including one protein shake/day.

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