Complications from surgery--you just never know

Dave Chambers
on 12/5/11 3:12 pm - Mira Loma, CA
Just got back from my first support meeting of the month. Many post ops shared their post op expereinces there.  I noted one of my women friends, Misty, who was not in attendance. At the end of the meeting an announcement was made. Misty had a tummy tuck done to reward herself for her RNY wt loss. She had a tummy tuck done by a well known local surgeon, and she ended up have a major blood clot on her lung, and died 6 days later.  Very vibrant woman, was friendly to everyone, and she will surely be missed.  Complications can happen from any surgery...I'll miss my friend. DAVE

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on 12/5/11 3:44 pm - OH
I'm sorry to hear that.  You're right, of course, complications can happen from any surgery.  Even when we know they are rare, they can happen.  A number of years ago a friend of mine died from a staph infections following back surgery.  She was 21.  It was a real shock to me.

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Kat Kat
on 12/5/11 3:44 pm - AZ

I am sorry for your loss, and hope you are able to find comfort, and peace in the memories you have of your friend.

I understand your point, and it's a good one to make, there really are no guarantees with any surgery we undergo whether it be WLS, Cosmetic, or Other. Your post makes me take a pause though.  Lately I've been thinking of some of the cosmetic procedures, and what you said makes me really think about the ones I need, and the ones I just want for vanity sake. Thanks for reminding me that there are others involved in the risky decisions I make.



on 12/5/11 8:24 pm - freeport, TX
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I am sorry for the loss of your friend.

You are so right. I've had six abdominal surgeries thru the years. Never had an issue with blood clots of any type. Then in October I had a panniculectomy. Was doing ok, but my leg swelled up. Plastics dr said it was simple edema and to put my leg up. So I did. That night I had an ocular migraine. Went to the e.r. next morning and they found my leg had so many clots it went from toes to top of my thigh. I could have and probably would have died.

Nothing in my medical history to suspect that would happen. I kept on my support hose. I moved around like I was told. I even moved my legs while in my recliner. I did everything right. It still happened.

I thank god for that migraine. It was the first one since my RNY over two years ago. Now I have some meds I can take on hand for a migraine but didn't then.

Every surgery carries a risk. No matter how large or small the surgery is. We all need to remember that.

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(deactivated member)
on 12/5/11 9:34 pm
 Dave, I am so sorry for the loss of Misty. It's never easy to lose a friend. But you make such a valid point about the complications that can accompany any surgery. I will pray for you to find comfort in your memories. 
on 12/5/11 10:04 pm
I am sorry to hear of your loss of a good friend. How especially sad to hear how someone has been through so much and was only looking on improving her image and feeling better about herself. I had a bit of plastics aftewards too. I guess we always think if we can get through RNY we can get through anything.

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on 12/6/11 3:36 am

So sorry for the loss of your friend.  Thank you for all the wonderful help and advice you give on here.  I deeply appreciate it.  Again, I am sorry.  Take care,  Cindy

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