Surgery Postponed for the 2nd time.......grrrrr

Darlene M.
on 12/30/11 6:02 am
Well, I WAS all happy...... I was scheduled to have my surgery on 12/28.  On 12/27 I got a call from the hospital saying to be there @ 7:30....YAY!!!!!!  They called back 10 minutes later and said it had to be postponed but they didn't know why.  I called the Dr's Office and they said it was b/c most of the ones that they do take roughly 45 minutes but that mine will take 3-4 hrs so they moved it to 1/4/12....... I was not happy, but, what could I do, right?  So yesterday they sent my new info via e-mail saying that my surgery date is 1/11/12....... I called again and they said that the Dr again said he didn't want to do it on the 4th b/c he already had 2 long surgeries to do that day and that mine will take longer than the other two.  I am thrilled that he wants to make sure that he is fresh and ready to work for a long time and wants to do a good job on me.... truly, I am, but the main reason that I had scheduled the surgery for the 28th of Dec is that I have an 8 yr old daughter who is out of school this week but has to go back on Tuesday.  She WAS going to go and stay with my brother and sister-in-law for a few days while I was in the hospital...but they live an hr and a half away, so now I have had to make different arrangements for her......twice!  My husband took his vacation week off to be with me but he was able to move it back a week......I called and got them to move it back another week....but I mean, really!!!!!  I have been on my 2 week pre-op diet for 3 weeks so liver ought to be tiny........ Don't get me wrong, I am happy and excited about having my surgery, but I just want to get to it and move forward.... right now it feels a lot like I am losing ground...... It is hard to keep positive when they keep changing things on me....
(deactivated member)
on 12/30/11 6:13 am
 Darlene my prayers are with you that they are able to do the surgery this time. Hopefully someone will be around to help out with your daughter. Good Luck.

Happy New Year

Darlene M.
on 12/31/11 1:00 am
Thank you!  My father-in-law and step-mother-in-law are going to take care of her...they live about a mile up the road and volunteered to do it, which is a HUGE blessing!
on 12/30/11 9:14 am - Germantown, MD
 I can empathize, believe me; my surgery was postponed and I never got a reason but point was I got it DONE and got to goal weight in 8 months. Keep your chin up! It's all worth it in the end!

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Darlene M.
on 12/31/11 1:04 am
Awesome!  I have already lost almost 30 lbs just doing the pre-op diet.... X 2   I know that it will be worth it, but I am just sooooo bummed!  I was alll hyped and I just feel .... deflated..... If they try to re-schedule a 3rd time, then I'm going to have to look for a different surgeon.  I love this group, but I am ready to get on with it!
dori M.
on 12/30/11 10:25 am - MD
 Whoever is doing the surgical scheduling is dropping the ball. They should already know how much time your surgery will take and how many lengthy procedures the doc is comfortable performing in one day. With that information your surgery should be scheduled and not postponed. I would think they would have better practices in place especially, because people have to do the pre op diet and make arrangements with childcare and their workplace. Hang in there! Hopefully, they'll be no more delays. After the surgery I'd be sure to write a letter to the practice administrator and let them know how mu*****onvenience they've caused you.

Darlene M.
on 12/31/11 1:07 am
I know, right?  The office manager knows me by my first name at this point...... she has said she is very sorry....both times.... I really do like these people.... they are sweet as they can be and do seem to genuinely care....but they just can't seem to get MY surgery going....
WhoIWantToBe *.
on 12/30/11 11:46 am
RNY on 01/10/12
 Do they not realize that you have a life?!? Argh!
Darlene M.
on 12/31/11 1:10 am
Apparently they didn't, but I guarantee they do now .......
on 12/30/11 12:49 pm
I can just imagine how frustrating this must be for you and I'm really sorry that they have rescheduled you twice.  On the positive side, I think that doing it in early January might be great.  I had my surgery in August of this year and with all of the tests before hand and the actual surgery, I met my out of pocket max for the year.  So any additional tests / procedures that I had to have done (I had a stricture that needed to be dialated twice) were covered at 100% by my insurance because I had met the max.  Not sure what your insurance situation is, but if you too have an out of pocket max, you might be in better shape both physically and financially in 2012.

Good luck to you!!!!
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