Exercise Damage?

on 1/2/12 12:40 am - VA
  So when I went to my two week post-op, my doctor chastized me about exercising.  So I asked if spinning was okay, and she said it was.  So about I get on my spin bike and have been doing the sprint (sitting) portion until a few days ago.  So when I start the standing climb stuff and hovering, I find that since then, my stomach is burning.  This was three days ago, and it has steadily gotten worse.  First it was only when I moved around, now it's all the time.  What the heck could I have done?
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on 1/2/12 12:48 am - OH
 Was she aware that "spinning" involves the "standing climb stuff" you describe?  I am not familiar with it, but, to me, spinning SOUNDS like just vigorous bike riding (which would not involve strain on your abdominal muscles). You may have strained a muscle or even have torn some internal stitches. Call the doctor and let her know what is going on.  Even if it is a ripped stitch, they don't usually do anything for it (I apparently tore some after my open hysterectomy)... you just have to wait for it to heal.

In the meantime, take it easy!


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on 1/2/12 12:48 am
Call your doctor...that is very important. 

on 1/2/12 4:00 am - TN
I agree with calling your doctor.

I had my surgery on Dec 9th and was told not to do anything that involves my stomach muscles until Jan 16th.  No stretching, pulling, crunches, nothing that involves the stomach muscles for 6 weeks.

Take it easy, your body has been through alot!!

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on 1/2/12 7:14 am - West Fargo, ND
I had my surgery a week before you and I was instructed nothing but walking for 6 weeks.   Even if released for more activity, I don't think I would be starting off in a spin class. Maybe get on a bike when you are by yourself and work back up to that level.
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on 1/23/12 10:52 am - VA
 Sorry I took so long to re-post.  Yes, I told my Doc what I meant by spinning, and asked about the standing climbs, etc.  She said at that point, I could do it, but if I felt at all uncomfortable to back off.  I am a quick healer and always have been.  I had surgery on Tuesday the 6th and was back at work less than a week later on Monday.
Seems they think I have a marginal ulcer.  Treatment was working, but when I ran out of meds, all symptoms came back.  So I'm getting more meds and need to schedule an EGD.  So we'll see from there.  Kind of a bummer, because the meds were working, I was able to advance to moist proteins like chicken and add in the occasional boredom busting veg or fruit piece.  Now I'm back to bland and boring :(
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