Tummy tuck surgery - recuperating

on 1/22/12 2:33 am - IN
So I had the panniculectomy and abdominoplasty both two weeks ago. How long does it take to recupe? I still feel lousy, and need pain meds but my doctor wont give me any more. She says I should be okay with Tylenol at this point. I also run a slight fever on and off. Or I just get the chills with no fever. I hate that feeling.
on 1/22/12 4:00 am
You can find all the answers to your questions here
http://www.obesityhelp.com/forums/plasticsurgery/a,messagebo ard/board_id,4861/

I have found a lot of useful information here.

Best of luck to you.


on 1/22/12 4:17 am - Riverton, UT
 I had a panniculectomy before I gained weight and I remember taking 6 weeks to fully recover.  My dr called it a mini tummy tuck.  So it was just below the belly button.  It was way tougher than my RNY.  Goodluck, hope you feel better soon!
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on 1/22/12 4:22 am - OH
I had my panni and TT surgeries separately, but I was taking narcotic pain meds for hmore than 2 weeks when I had the TT (but not for just the panni).  It was usually just once a day at that point... in the afternoon/evening since the pain would eventually get worse as he day went on... but I would have been cranky with only Tylenol!  

As far as overall recuperation, it varies a lot from one person to another. My tummy tuck was probably the most painful surgery I have had (either that or the hernia repair on the same muscles), but my PS warned me that he takes pride in making the muscle tighter than some.  It took me a full month before I could walk completely upright again.  it doesn't seem to take most people that long.

Sometimes being too sedentary after surgery can cause a slight fever.  I had that happen when I had my hysterectomy in 1995, but they didn't explain it any further than that and I didn't ask.

I hope you feel better soon. If you are limited to Tylenol, try to take it at regular intervals to stay on top of the pain.


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on 1/22/12 4:53 am
RNY on 01/16/12

If your doctor won't give you pain meds and the Tylenol isn't reducing your pain enough, perhaps you could contact your primary care doctor?  It is ridiculous when doctors don't listen to their patients.  Being in pain means you are less likely to move, and moving helps you recover.  If you are in pain, you need pain medicine.  

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on 1/22/12 5:29 am - Parkton, MD
Your doc sounds like a putz.  I'd ask my primary for something as well.  Abdomenal surgery HURTS!
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on 1/22/12 7:39 am
I had complications after and needed to have emergency surgery, but my Dr. gave me pain meds until I didn't need them anymore.  It's crazy that after two weeks you aren't getting more.  I would call your primary Dr and explain the situation.
on 1/22/12 10:49 am - MI
 I'm nine weeks out from my tummy tuck and I STILL have pain..not all the time though.l
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