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on 1/29/12 7:30 pm - FL
 Hi, I'm 2 weeks out and I was told by my dr that I was able to try some soft food now. Well yesterday evening I decided to try some tuna fish mixed with a little mayo. Not being a tuna expert, I didn't realize that  white albacore tuna was a little different than reg tuna fish. I noticed it was a little more dry and chunkier. I broke it up pretty well. My first bite.. As it was going down I felt a little bit of uncomfortablness. Wasn't sure if it was just in my head. Second bite, I felt the same thing so I stopped. I went to sleep a little later and now I've woken up feeling some nausea and some discomfort like something feels stuck. I'm worried that the tuna was too dry and chunky therefore those bites I took got stuck somewhere. Should I try to make myself vomit? I'm drinking water and everytime the water goes down i can feel the uncomfortablness more. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm really worried.. Thx, Robin.
on 1/29/12 8:23 pm
Try papaya enzyme if you have some.  Being only 2 weeks out I would not suggest trying to throw up.  But drinking water might force it up.



on 1/29/12 8:31 pm - FL
 I've never even heard of papaya enzyme. What does it do? I am drinking water now to see if it helps. I really appreciate your reply. Thx so much!
on 1/29/12 9:26 pm
Papaya enzyme helps to break protein down.  You can get it at GNC.  Drinking hot tea has helped me in the past. 
on 1/29/12 11:01 pm - OR
 you can get it at walmart and most health food stores too
on 1/30/12 12:14 am - FL
 Thx everyone! I kept drinking lots of water and it finally went through. Won't be eating of that tuna again for a good while. 
on 1/30/12 12:16 am - Royal Oak, MI
Do you have a food processor? I put my tuna/albacore with all the ingredients and and pureed it. 

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on 1/30/12 1:26 am - FL
Yes I have one and should have used it. I'll wait another week or so and try the albacore again then purée it this time. Thank u very much for the suggestion
Brandi F.
on 1/30/12 1:34 am - Kissimmee, FL

I use papya enzyme myself, but if you have it in the house, I've heard that mixing some meat tenderizer with water and sipping on that helps...

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