NSV-2 1/2 years out...FINALLY

Amy Smith
on 2/13/12 12:34 am
So a week after my bypass (8/2009) I was going to an auction with  my Mom and stopped at a flea market where I looked down and picked up a pair of jeans.  (Calvin Klien size 11).  I knew my idea was an 8-10, but I didn't know 11 was a junior size. You all know when you have shopped in the plus sizes for so long I had no idea about pettites and junior sizes! LOL.

Anyway, this weekend I came across those jeans and guess what..... not only could I pull them on, I could button and snap them.  Now they are not a good cut for me and they will go to Goodwill, but I MADE IT INTO MY GOAL JEANS!  A picture to come later!

Sometimes it is not about the scale and that is important to remember.  I weigh every morning as a way to "check" myself, but the scale has been going in the right direction every slowly!

I may have had a few extra potholes along the way, but the journey has been good!   

  • RNY- Christiana Institute of Advanced Surgery - Dr. Peters 8/09 
  • Medial Thigh lift & Brachioplasty - Dr. Macrea 7/2011  
  • LBL - Dr. Joseph Michaels (Sibley Memorial) 12/22/2011
  • Upper Body Lift with Mastoplexy - Dr. Joseph Michaels 12/20/2012


(deactivated member)
on 2/13/12 12:48 am
Right on, what a happy moment for you!  Congratulations...

on 2/13/12 1:34 am
The NSV were (and still are)  much more important to me after the initial year out. 

Congrats on getting into your goal jeans.

I'm AWAKE and I'm ALIVE!