Any tips on what to do before surgery?

on 2/16/12 10:46 am - Raleigh, NC
RNY on 06/28/12 with
 Still waiting for approval from insurance but was wondering if you all have any tips on what I can do ahead of time to help my body recover easily. I've been told to try to walk more to help my lung capacity & maybe some vitamins like centrum to help beef up my system. Thanks for any advice & I love this forum. It's been very informative for someone like me that has wanted to do this but wanted to get first hand accounts from others that have been thru it. :-) 
on 2/16/12 10:12 pm, edited 2/16/12 10:12 pm
Clean your house and do laundry. Buy all your proteins, jello and broth. Also if possible get all pain medication filled.
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