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on 2/19/12 11:47 am - MN
 Nik, Lora, Kelly...........somebody?  I want to put this question out there to everybody and it's this, because we are having to eat so much protein, is there a chance that the kidneys will have problems down the road?  I do try to get in vegetables with my protein but sometimes it's difficult because we're always suppose to eat our protein first and by the time I eat the protein first there is not much room left to eat my vegetables.  Should I be drinking V8 to get my vegetables in or what can you advise that I do?  I want to get my protein in but don't want to mess up my kidneys either.  Thanks for responding.
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Although too much protein CAN cause kidney problems, my understanding is that it would take at least double the amount of protein that we can consume in order to effect the kidneys.  Generally the people who have issues with protein and kidneys are body builders who are consuming 200+ grams of protein on a regular basis in order to build muscle.


Edited to add that the bodybuilders I know generally take in about a gram of protein per pound of body weight daily to maintain and more (about 1.5g per pound) if they are trying to add muscle.  So, for a 200 pound man, that would be anywhere from 200-300g of protein per day.

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on 2/19/12 11:59 am - SC
 I would also point out that the reason we need so much protein even after our weight is lost, is we don't absorb it like people with normal gi tracts.  So no, we don't really need to worry about kidney damage unlesswe have damaged them with our diabetes abd hypertension first,
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on 2/19/12 12:15 pm - OH
It would be hard to eat enough protein to damage your kidneys as long as you are starting out with healthy kidneys.  If you have kidney disease, you should work closely with your doctors to determine the right amount of protein for you.  Otherwise, it's really unlikely to cause a problem. 

Something else is to keep in mind that we get labs done regularly (or should) so you can tell from your labs if you are getting enough protein or more protein than you need.  If your total protein and albumin levels are high, then I would cut back on your protein.  I will add that I've looked at lots of people's labs and have never seen someone with high total protein and albumin levels post op, even when they were getting 100 grams or more a day.  So those labs will let you know if you're getting the right amount.

As far as veggies go, I thik they are good for us but in all honesty, the amount of nutrients we absorb from them is questionable.  We'll get some vitamins and minerals from them but not as much as we need, which is why we take so many vitamins.  If we are taking the vitamins we should be taking, we aren't going to suffer from not getting as many veggies as "normal" people need to get.  I think perhaps the most important thing we can get from veggies is actually fiber, and I don't think V8 has a lot of fiber, does it?  I'm too lazy to look up the label.  If you like V8 and have room in your plan for the calories, then drink it.  Otherwise, just take your vitamins and get your labs done.  As you get further out, you will be able to eat more veggies.

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on 2/19/12 12:29 pm - MN
Thanks everyone for the timely responses.  I will take heed to what you are saying and just go with that.  I am due to have six month labs done in about two weeks so I'll know where I stand then and go from there.  I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and getting my protein in, taking my vitamins, and drinking my fluids daily.  I depend on this site every day to help keep me on track.  You're very kind and helpful. Thanks again.
on 2/19/12 7:55 pm
RNY on 02/28/12
Only thing I would add would be to stay well hydrated.  A high protein load with low fluids can increase the strain on your kidneys.
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