Help!!! I'm so stressed!!

Tracy M.
on 2/26/12 8:46 am - KY
I am almost a year out and the weight loss has drastically slowed down. It seems everything I eat keeps me from losing. I am down to about 260 from 512 in the very beginning but I was 425 the day of surgery. I feel I have failed this....My nutritionist told me to stay under 25 carbs a day and I just can't do it. I can stay under 50 but if I only do 25 I'm tired all the time. I dont know what to do..How many do you al get in a day? I know I have lost 2502 lbs but I want more gone...It stresses me out and I want to eat things I shouldn't..I figure if I'm not gonna loose anyway then why not? Does anyone else go thru this??? I'm not gaining. I do fluctuate between 260 and 265 but as far as actually gaining I haven't. I need to figure this out before I drive myself crazy.


Highest known weight- 512
Surgery weight-425
Current Weight- 260
on 2/26/12 8:58 am

(((Tracy))) you've done amazingly well, kuddos on the loss.  It's fairly typical for weight loss to slow down or possibly stop completely at 12-18 months, some before then and some beyond. 

I wish I could share some magic that would help you, I have none however I will say keep working hard to lose and be PROUD of the weight loss you've had to date.  You by far have not failed.

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on 2/26/12 9:05 am
RNY on 12/21/10 with
Tracy, I'm about 14 months out and I have either stopped losing or hit a stall
myself. I just keep on keeping on.  Carbs are the devil. The more you have, the
more you want.  I don't count carbs in fruits and veggies. I only count carbs in
breads, cereal, pasta, rice, grains, sugar, white potatoes and junk food. 
Therefore, I aim for a very low carb count each day because I can get along
just fine without "white and junk" carbs. I eat a slice of 75-calore grainy
bread nearly every day, but the rest of the carbs don't agree with me and
I surely don't need to be eating junk.  I would recommend that you spend 3
days getting yourself off the refined carbs (sugar, and basically white foods like
rice, potatoes, flour, breads, crackers, cereals etc.). I find that it takes about
3 days to get off the carb high and diminish the cravings.  If you increase your
protein, you won't get as tired, and I find that tired or not, if I do some kind of
exercise, I'm not nearly as tired as when I don't.

Don't give up on yourself.  You've come a long way.  I know you don't want to
go backward.  Get the carbs out of the house period.  Fill up on protein first,
just like in the beginning. Do this for a week or 2. If it doesn't have protein in
it, don't eat it.  Get your focus back on protein and off carbs.  I will always want
to eat things I shouldn't, and sometimes I do, but most days I'm successful in
eating the way I want to eat, and that itself is a reward. I'm happy when I'm in

Spend that energy, nervousness and focus on getting back on proteins. I'm
betting you'll see the reward.  Good luck!

on 2/26/12 9:16 am - OH
The weight loss usually does slow down after the first year.  Doesn't mean you won't lose more, just means it won't be as fast.  Figuring you aren't going to lose anyway so you might as well eat what you want is basically your head lying to you, trying to talk you in to eating things that aren't good for you.

As far as how many carbs a day, I don't count carbs but I'm sure I get more than 25 a day.  I don't eat meat so I get a lot of my protein from beans, which are high in carbs.  But it's complex carbs, with lots of protein and fiber.

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Tracy M.
on 2/26/12 9:20 am - KY
i eat mostly protein...I occasionally eat a grilled chicken salad and I still do protein shakes mixed with almond milk..the only thing I question is tomato juice which I use to mix my miralax..When I get in these moods I do eat peanut butter and crackers and some things I shouldnt...I try very hard not to...I just get stressed out and upset and I do it anyway...I figure when the cold passes and the nicer weather hits and I'm not inside so much it will get better..


Highest known weight- 512
Surgery weight-425
Current Weight- 260
on 2/26/12 9:34 am - Germantown, MD
 Yeah, who would have ever thought that the hard work in the first 12-18 months was only the beginning of the hard work in maintenance! Don't give up & give in.... You can be a winner in the year+ out! I'm not quite at a year but at the point where I have to introduce more calories and started to dabble in more carbs. I still keep below 50g/day but any carbs are going to come from veggies, dairy and fruit - nothing else! Under 25g carbs daily is darn near impossible but not totally - just have to stick to pure protein and basically nothing else! I'd cut out the tomato juice, as that's probably taking up a good chunk of your carb budget. Good luck & keep fighting for yourself!

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on 2/26/12 9:36 am
RNY on 12/21/10 with
Tracy, it's always a struggle, and I'm pulling for you!  I know how hard it
is, believe me.  I wish I could offer you some magic, but the only other
thing I do that I can suggest is...keep busy with ANYTHING!  I tell myself
every day that busy hands aren't putting food in my mouth.  I knit, clean
house incessantly, dust, wash windows, work outside when the weather
allows and recently I started an indoor exercise program. I got a walking
DVD so I can do an indoor 3-mile walk for aerobic exercise and then I
have others for strength training.  If I find myself bored or stressed from
work and wanting to eat....I walk it off (inside) or do my other DVD workouts
or knit...and I can't tell you how many times I've cleaned a clean house!
Over the last year I painted the entire inside of my house from ceilings
to the floor and put in about 700 sq feet of new flooring after ripping out
carpets. Uh oh...projects all done?  I will find more and do ANYTHING to
keep myself busy. I'm not much good in front of a TV for any length of time
so I'm always finding things to do.  Good luck and I wish you the very best.

on 2/26/12 10:02 am - Parkton, MD
Wow - you are doing so well.  I think 25 gm of carbs a day is pretty low.    One slice of bread is 15 right there so if you keep it to less than 50 I think you are doing ok.  But I would definitely focus on the protein first then veggies then complex carbs last.  Also, now is the time to get the exercise started.  I am just getting that going now that my hips and knees don't hurt as much.  That will give you more energy and hopefully jump start the slow down of your losing.  Keep up the good work on this - you've done so well!!
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Tessie W.
on 2/26/12 10:09 am
Almost a year for me too and it's darn slow...  darn darn slow.  My surgeon is happy with how I have done and she said if I am happy - she is happy.  I love her!  My personal goal is 16 more pounds so I am under 200.  My philosphy is very much not the norm so FWIW - you might not want to read what I am writing!  lol

I am not a purist.   Far from it.  My only real number goal is to make sure I get at least 60g of protein.  When I do track my calories I am pretty much between 1200 and 1500.  I eat carbs such as crackers and such - but I do try to watch my sugar.  Some days I can eat it, some days I can't - so I do try to keep those low since my pouch is unpredictable.

Are you exercising?  In the past 3 months when I have slowed so much I do know it goes better when I exercise 30 minutes a day, take my vitamins and drink my liquids.  Seems like such an easy formula - but I am not consistent.

Think about where you were one year ago!  You have done an amazing thing for yourself.  So what if we don't lose another pound?  We are still shining stars and healthier than we were one year ago, right?  I don't want to go back there and if this is where I stay - that's fine.  The routines I have now are doable for life and that is what matters to me.

Hang in there because you are amazing!!!!!
on 2/26/12 10:29 am - Amityville, NY
Hi, I think you have done an amazing joy,try to relax stress will cause your weight to stall.You are doing great just focus on one at time.This journey has costed you so much dont let your mine play tricks on u.So what if u dont lose 2lbs this week stay with the game plan you are winner please dont give in.Keep us posted we are here for u.