10 Year Anniversary

Denise R Armstrong
on 2/27/12 1:28 am, edited 2/27/12 1:31 am - Sun City, AZ
Today I need to toot my  horn!  Ten years ago today I had my gastric by pass surgery.  I had a good doctor, with no complications and I followed his instructions.  Over the years I had gained some of the weight back (40 lbs), but I am proud to have lost those again.    Ten years ago I weighed 287, today I weigh 150 --- down a total of 137.  Life is worth living.  I had a good journey, i did my research about the procedure and checked out my doctor's track record.  I am very happy.

I cannot figure out how to update my current picture!
on 2/27/12 1:36 am

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!  This post made my morning.  There is nothing more exciting than when I come to this board and hear a positive, good report such as yours.  It proves we can have long term success.  Thanks for coming back and sharing your story.  It inspires us.

Denise R Armstrong
on 2/27/12 6:53 am - Sun City, AZ
Thank you -- this site has helped me akong my journey.
on 2/27/12 1:45 am - CA
Getting back on track 10yrs later after a REGAIN of approx 35lbs
Surgery weight:  277lbs             Goal/maintenance weight: 135lbs
on 2/27/12 2:01 am
Wow! You should toot your horn! 10 years! Be proud!!!


on 2/27/12 2:05 am - Niagara Falls, Canada
Thank you very much for sharing this especially regarding losing your regain. Great work you are an inspiration.

10/18/07 RNY ( hw 305 sw 290 lw 189ish) St Joe's 08/14/14 RNY reversal to sleeve. I survived 3 leaks,4 operations and a feeding tube.

Denise R Armstrong
on 2/27/12 6:54 am - Sun City, AZ
Thank you.
Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 2/27/12 3:45 am - OH
 Congratulations!  There are people who come here asking about people 10 or more years out, so it is nice to have someone more "senior" check in!  I am 4.5 years out and hope to be as successful as you in another 5 years.  Maintenance is hard some days/weeks!


10 years out; 190 pounds lost, 165 pound loss maintained

You don't drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there.

Denise R Armstrong
on 2/27/12 6:54 am - Sun City, AZ
Thank you!  I still cannot believe I am 10 years old.  I only wish I would have done it 20 years ago.  I'm happy and healthy,
Karen M.
on 2/27/12 4:15 am - San Antonio, TX
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