I am soon, in May, 7 years out and I need to ask a silly question

Jeff Waldrop
on 2/27/12 5:46 am - Westlake, LA
I started at 390 and fast tracked down to 211 in about 12-14 months, if my memory serves me right bak in 2006-2007.    I ramped up to 230 or so for about 4 years, but now have inched up to 250-255.

I don't want to go no further.   Conclusively, does the pouch continue to stretch?  I have read both sides of this coin.   I don't have access to my surgeon anymore as he has retired and my GP seems to know nothing about bariatric patients.....


Jeff Waldrop

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Citizen Kim
on 2/27/12 6:01 am - Castle Rock, CO
This thread, posted today, has some excellent advice from the vets on this exact subject ...

http://www.obesityhelp.com/forums/rny/4506534/5-years-post-o p-and-50-lb-regain/

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on 2/27/12 6:02 am - Lusby, MD
RNY on 01/17/12
I am 6 weeks post op, but my surgeon was just telling us how your Pouch will never go back to the size of your previous stomach. His recommedation for weigh gain was to go back to the basics of nutrition---high protein, low fat, low sugar, low carb AND increase exercise. Good luck!
on 2/27/12 6:12 am - Grantsboro, NC
I have a friend whose surgery was 8-9 years ago. She lost about 150 lbs and has gradually regained about half. She was sure her pouch or stoma had stretched and wanted a procedure to correct it so she could lose again. (She tried WW and other diet plans with little success.) The surgeon did a couple of tests and told her that her pouch and stoma were fine, not stretched at all and she just needed to get back to basics- pretty much what Arieschick's doc recommended above. What exactly makes you think that the pouch is stretched? My friend still has restriction, as she cannot eat large amounts, but she eats lots of things she shouldn't and was never advised about eating/drinking together or many other things surgeons recommend now. What were your post op instructions regarding those issues?

I wish you success in getting things under control and back where you want to be! That's always the hardest part isn't it?!
Good for you for taking steps to get there.
Jeff Waldrop
on 2/27/12 7:23 am - Westlake, LA
Thanks, I, for some reason, have two logins and this is the one I should have used.

Thanks, for the responses.  I printed out a doc that I have called "Pouch Rules for Dummies" and everyone is right, I have to get some behavoral issued corrected.

I needed to get back on this more WAY more often and follow everyone.

Jeff W Waldrop
on 2/27/12 8:43 am
 Typically it's the food we are eating -- and the quantity of times we are eating -- not that we are eating ALL THAT MUCH, you know?

I feel your pain.  

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