Wicked heartburn and pain when swallowing

on 3/6/12 5:36 am - IN
Is anyone else dealing with this? I've always dealt with ulcers (since my RNY) and I take Carafate and Prevacid for that. But it's become worse. Horrible heartburn and pain in my  esophagusafter I swallow but before it hits my stomach. I'm almost suspecting a hiatal hernia -- I had this same pain before my RNY but passed it off. After my surgery my doctor said he found a hiatal hernia and fixed that too. (A ha! - that explains that pain).

Do post-op patients get hiatal hernias too?
on 3/6/12 6:34 am
I don't know but I had one before surgery and haven't had problems since. Can you adjust your menu to avoid foods known to create problems? Tomatoes and spicy seasonings were two things that I learned to avoid.
on 3/6/12 8:20 am
Get an EGD..they're quick and painless and then you'll know how to treat it.