15 months out and in a lot of pain

on 4/19/12 11:19 am - OR
 I need some help. I have been doing really well and have had no problems. I have hit my goal weight and am now at 142lbs. My problem is in the last week I have had severe pain in my stomach. At first I thought it wasgas or  constipation so I cleaned myself out but it still hasn't gone away. It hurts all the time but worse when I eat or drink. It doesn't feel like an ulcer because I have had those many times. This feels different. It is sharp pain. If I don't eat or drink then the pain is bearable but if I do then it hurts really bad for up to an hour or two. Anyone have any thoughts? 
Jessica A.
on 4/19/12 11:31 am - Auburn, AL
 Call your surgeon.  Better to be safe than sorry.  I had some bad sharp pains leading up to a bowel obstruction and had to have emergency surgery.  I didn't know it at the time but a few weeks leading to the day that it became unbearable, there were signs.  I just didn't put two and two together until it was too late.  
on 4/19/12 12:36 pm - Citrus Heights, CA
RNY on 04/04/12
yes PLEASE call your doc.
Wish you well

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on 4/19/12 12:38 pm - danville, AL
I had a friend at work who was a year post op. She had the same thing going on. She had an internal hernia, her bowels were twisted 270 degrees and obstructed. She was that way for almost 2 weeks before they found what was wrong with her. She had to have surgery and was out of work almost 2 months. It was very serious. Just like you the pain was unbearable when she ate. Get checked out and give them your idea of what may be the problem. She had alot of test before they found it. A cat scan didnt catch it. Good luck
on 4/19/12 12:51 pm
RNY on 03/26/12

I agree..Best thing to do would be to consult the experts.

my only thing is if it's ongoing and isn't easing up maybe you should go to ER to be on the safe side. If you're sure it not an ulcer based on personal experiences ..you should definitely get that checked out asap.

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Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 4/19/12 1:13 pm - OH
Yes, definitely go see your surgeon.  Persistent abdominal pain in someone who has had WLS could be something quite serious.  It also might be something easily fixed, but better safe than sorry.


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on 4/19/12 1:56 pm - OR
Thanks, everyone for your quick replies. I have talked with my surgeon and she wants me to come in and have a scope done.
on 4/19/12 3:46 pm
Hopefully you are at the hospital but please keep us updated.

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