cheese cake

on 4/22/12 12:41 pm - NC
I don't remember who posted it, but thanks!!! The recipe for plain greek yogurt, cream cheese, lemon juice and splenda makes fabulous cheese cake!!!! I am definitely making this again.


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on 4/22/12 12:51 pm - Chicago, IL
(channeling Homer Simpson)...Mmmmmmm...luscious cheeeeeese caaaaaake.....mmmmmmmm!
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on 4/22/12 1:17 pm - Harlingen, TX
That sounds good. Do you have the recipe for it?


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on 4/22/12 1:32 pm - WA
 Recipe..?? :)
A. C
on 4/22/12 2:51 pm
just piping in - i've never made it THAT WAY.. but there is another yogurt cheesecake recipe that is sugar free and fat free... will post it here just in case anyone wants...

greek yogurt *(i use fage 0%) about 3oz
jello sugar free cheesecake mix about 2 tbsp
splenda about 1 packet
fresh blueberries to taste

mix up the yogurt, powder mix and splenda - it stiffens up a bit like cheesecake, then top with the blueberries - VOILA! SF/FF deliciousness

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on 4/23/12 12:32 am - FL
Nik from bariatricfoodie posted this....i have not tried it yet..but plan craving some cheese cake...
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on 4/23/12 12:37 am - Baltimore, MD
 My recipe is as follows:

6 oz. unflavored 0% Greek yogurt
1 tbsp lowfat cream cheese
1 squirt of lemon juice
Splenda or sweetener to taste

Nuke cream cheese in microwave until soft

Combine with lemon juice + sweetener

Add in Greek yogurt and stir

I usually top with fresh berries and Fiber One.

The reason I don't use cheesecake pudding is because it has 8g carbs per tablespoon. One tablespoon of lowfat cream cheese has maybe 2g carbs. Plus to me, this tastes more like actual cheesecake while the pudding has always tasted fake to me. 

Anyway, enjoy!

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on 4/23/12 7:20 am - NC
Thanks for posting again Nik, I wasn't on here all day and didn't realize there was so much interest! Thanks again for the recipe, I love it!!!!


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