Going home with a drain??

on 5/23/12 5:41 am
I had a lapband to rny revision and was sent home with a drain.  has anybody had this and how long before it comes out??
on 5/23/12 5:44 am - OH
They sent you home without telling you when the drain would be removed?  I would assume at your first post op appt with your surgeon, but you can call the office and ask.

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on 5/23/12 6:33 am
Oh heck I would be calling the surgeon and asking him whats up with the drain? I will beg to have mine removed as soon as possible. Call and find out so you can prepare yourself if he leaves it in longer.
Good Luck

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on 5/23/12 6:47 am - Bay City, MI

Prob a week. I had mine removed about that time. It sucks, and it hurts. Your pain will go away after it's removed, I promise. It's ok that you have it. Document each time you drain it, how much is in it. The doctor will need to know. You do not want them removing it if you still have excess fluid.

on 5/23/12 7:27 am - Mt
I went home with a drain and was told it would come out at my 10 post op visit. unfortunately i developed a couple infections so the drain had to stay in for 4 weeks.

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on 5/23/12 7:52 am
OMG....If mine stays in 4 weeks I'll rip it out myself!!  LOL!!

on 5/23/12 8:05 am
RNY on 01/30/12
 Mine was removed at my first post-op visit, one week after my surgery. As for how, the nurse just snipped the stitches holding it in place and carefully pulled it out. She warned me that it might be uncomfortable and had me exhale while she was pulling it out. It felt very strange and, yes, uncomfortable. But it only took a few seconds and the discomfort went away immediately.
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