Eating too early??

on 5/25/12 3:19 am
Has anybody tried eating just a little earlier than recommended??  I am to start Monday on pureed but last night I tried some chicken...just a little and chewed it really good, but it didn't work!  I was vomiting and am worried I may do damage!!
on 5/25/12 3:36 am


on 5/25/12 4:01 am - MI
RNY on 05/09/12
Click on this link.  It is a discussion topic I posted a few days
back.  It will give you all the reasons you need to know on
why you should stick to the plan. to-food-Im-going-to-dare-to-try/

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on 5/25/12 7:53 am
Ummmm.....I did stop..only tried it once!!  Not a glutten for punishment!!  
Hollie...thanks for the info.!!