How much weight did you lose Pre Op

Joy B.
on 5/25/12 3:21 am - MD
RNY on 06/04/12
Ok so I am 3 days into my Pre Op diet. I weighd my self today and I have lost 5 pounds. I have been doing preety good with the drinks.

But I was wondering what the maxium amout some of you lost and were you running to the bathroom every 15-20 minutes.

And how do you know if it is working.

on 5/25/12 3:37 am
As soon as I got my date, the anxiety hit and I dropped 15lbs in about a month.  Then, for the actual pre-op liquid diet - which was 10 days - I only lost 1lb total.

High Weight 278; consult weight 234; Surgery Weight 219 Surgeon's Goal Weight 150 -10/27/10  -  Personal goal weight 140 - Achieved 12/11/10  
Amber H.
on 5/25/12 3:52 am - UT
RNY on 06/01/12 with
I started my pre-op diet on the 18th, and as of today I am down 17 pounds. I haven't cheated, and I've been emphasizing protein and water.

My doctor encourages food versus shakes, so I've been putting together foods like tuna, green beans, brussels sprouts, etc to help keep me full and not feeling deprived. I bought a food scale to help me measure out precise portions, which has helped when it comes to chicken. 

And yes, the bathroom? It feels like my home away from home!
on 5/25/12 5:34 am - UT
RNY on 09/05/12
 I'm with RMAP too! Dr. Smith is my surgeon!
  I believe in me...the best is yet to be!                        
on 5/25/12 4:28 am - CA
5 pounds is great keep it up!
on 5/25/12 4:37 am
 I was required to lose 15lbs before my pre op appointment I had 10 days to do it in..I lost 14lbs. My pre op "diet" was only 2 days and I never weighed after that until I was post op.
on 5/25/12 4:51 am
RNY on 05/15/12
I lost 10 lbson my per op diet. Mine was comprised of protein shakes, clear liquids and one cup of non starchy veg per day. After surgery, I was walking the hospital halls and there was a scale so I weighed. I had gained all ten back. I knew gas from the laparoscope and fluids were to blame, still I just got under that ten pound mark today. I guess my point is, don't be discouraged if this happens to you.
on 5/25/12 5:11 am - Bossier City , LA
 I did a 10 day all liquid pre-op diet and lost 18
L. Matteson
on 5/25/12 5:25 am
RNY on 07/02/12
I have already lost 40lbs. I start my month long preop diet in a week. I expect to lose around 30lbs then.
I have surgery in 5 weeks.

on 5/25/12 6:09 am
20 lbs before I got my surgery approval. 10 lbs with the 2 week liquid diet.