Yeah! Got my surgery date!

on 6/8/12 12:19 pm - Raleigh, NC
RNY on 06/28/12 with
 I'm ready for June 28. Now liquid diet until day before. Can't wait to be on the losers bench with all the others. Love this website! :-)
on 6/8/12 12:38 pm - Brownsville, TX
 Congrats to you!






on 6/8/12 12:52 pm - NC
RNY on 06/04/12
 Congratulations!  It will be here before you know it!
on 6/8/12 2:47 pm
RNY on 06/06/12
 Congrats on your date!   Thats really coming soon.  Very happy for you:)
1Haute Diva
on 6/8/12 2:53 pm - Fort Stewart, GA
RNY on 03/20/12
 Congrats!! It'll be here before you know it!!
- Shaw
on 6/8/12 6:01 pm - CO

Congratulations on the date!!!  It will be an amazing journey that I have not regretted for a minute.  I just posted to "healthseeker" as she just got her date I will share this with you.  I hope it helps some!


Hi and welcome to being a poster from being a lurker.  :)  Congrats on your date!  That is such an amazing feeling...i remember it like it was yesterday and I'm almost 1 year post op.  Here is a bit of help that I will offer:

1.  Come here often; read and post just as often
2.  Do not be afraid to ask questions here; people are awesome at providing feedback
3.  If your doctor hasn't yet pointed out on, find a local support group if you can.  It will really help.
4.  Journal, journal, journal; you will be glad you did.  Start keeping track of your body measurements.  When you get to a point where the weight is leveling out, you will see other changes in your body that will keep you motivated.
5.  I am sure you are going to have a lot of information coming at you.  If you can, have someone who is going to be both a supporter and a kick-you-in-the-bootey'er attend your appointments with you.  They can usually help you remember things as they are not in the "stress" mode while at the doctor's office.
6.  Most important...get ready for the ride of your life!!  This journey has taught me so much about myself.  I do not regret one single minute.  It wasn't easy, but as they say, things worth it are seldome easy. 

You will do great.  You have made an important decision that is going to bring you a whole new lease on life.  Embrace it.  It is sooooo worth it.

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