I am scheduled for DS on July 2nd, however... Anyone can tell me why RNY be better?

Misty P.
on 6/13/12 11:00 am - AUSTIN, TX
DS on 07/02/12
 Yes I'm asking this question. Any input? I'm just scared to take vitamins daily and worry bout eatin wrong foods n having diarrhea 24/7. I know not all have bowel issues, but I think since I eat wrong foods still, I might be the exception. Lol... 

Im 5'9, 380, 31 yrs old. Any input?

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on 6/13/12 11:03 am - OH
With RNY or DS, it will be important to take vitamins every day.  You may need a few more vitamins with DS, but you'll need them with either surgery.

Eating the "wrong" foods might cause diarrhea or other problems with either surgery, too.  Are you unwilling to change the types of foods you eat?  If you're not willing to change the foods you eat, you might want to talk to your surgeon about whether or not surgery will really benefit you in the long run.  You may end up losing weight initially but then gaining a lot back if you don't change what you eat.

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Please note: I AM NOT A DOCTOR.  If you want medical advice, talk to your doctor.  Whatever I post, there is probably some surgeon or other health care provider somewhere that disagrees with me.  If you want to know what your surgeon thinks, then ask him or her.    Check out my blog.


Cicerogirl, The PhD

on 6/13/12 11:13 am - OH
Are you asking about having RNY instead of DS or about having any weight loss surgery at all?

If you are considering RNY instead of DS, you will have to take vitmains every day regardless of which surgery you have.  If you have the DS, you just have to take more of them (and the consequences of NOT being diligent about taking them can be more severe).  IF youa re not committed to taking all of those vitanmins for the rest of your life, you should NOT have surgery.  My suregon stoppped doing the DS about 2 years ago because too many patients were not being compliant about vitamins long term and were coming in with physical problems because of serious nutritional deficiences.

I started out very heavy (330 pounds but only 5'3") and seriously considered DS.  To be honest,  although I was nervous about the extra malabsorption and was going to have to go thjrough the hassle of providing all sorts of documentation to justify insurance approval for DS, it was seeing what the only person that I knew at the time who had a DS went through with oily, smelly diarrhea that made me choose RNY.  She carreid a change of clothing in her car at all times.  I have since met a number of DSers who have no trouble with that (or can control it by controlling what they eat), but I was simply not willing to take the chance of being one of the people who had the terribvle bathroom issues.

I know this might sound harsh, but if you are planning to continue eating the wrong foods after surgery, I don't think you are ready for weight loss surgery (of any kind).  You can out-eat ANY kind of WLS and end up regaining weight or not losing as much weight as you would like if you don;t commit to changing your eating habits.


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Lady Lithia
on 6/13/12 11:55 am
There are a lot of passionate individuals who will strongly try to influence others to choose the surgery that worked so wonderfully for them. I think that's a natural thing. If it doesn't work out well for them, or for someone they know, they'll talk it down. For example, most people I speak with had a great experience with Lasik. But I wouldnt' suggest it to anyone, because I had awful results. But the thing is YOU are not ME and only YOU know YOU best. So the important thing is to understand the pros or cons as they pertain to YOU

Other than the fact that my insurance doesn't cover DS (I might have been able to argue the case, since I had a BMI greater than 50. For me, I wasn't convinced I wanted ANY weight loss surgery until I learned that RNY was likely to cure or suppress GERD. Since that was the one comorbidity that I had that was ruining my life and livelihood, that was ENOUGH of a push to get me to have ANY weight loss surgery. Further research showed that ultimately GERD has the greatest relief the fastest in cases of RNY. Other procedures can actually exacerbate it. though ultimately many cases get better over time.

Many good people over in the DS forum discuss ways to avoid, minimize, or cover over problems with bowel movements. But there is no perfect WLS that results in euphoria in the bathroom. a lot of people who get the RNY have constipation issues.

I'd read through ALL of the latest posts in the last week or so in both the DS and RNY forum. Read the challenges of newbies, pre-ops, long term vets, daily food logs, food types they eat, etc. try to look at those lifestyles and determine which life (not from those trying to sell you on the surgery, just by reading what others write about their journey and the support comments they get)... you'll get a lot more info about both surgeries just by reading about the daily issues.

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on 6/13/12 12:01 pm
VSG on 06/11/13
My sister had the DS done about 9 years ago.  SHe had the diarrhea thing at first but it passed.  SHe has had a very positive experience....she eats what she wants now and maintains her weight loss effortlesslessly.  She started at 320 and maintains at about 180.  Best wishes for whatever you do.  Make SURE you take your vitamins either way!!!!!


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on 6/13/12 12:48 pm - FL
my insurance only covered the lapband or bypass..so i choose the bypass..so far very happy with my decision..i was either going to have to continur taking all my diabetic medicines, high blood pressure medicines and acid reflux medicines or take vitamins...i was off my diabetic mecidines while still in the hospital...was off the others within a week of being home....works for me...i have the complete opposite with teh BMS.. i have to take miralix and stool softners daily or things SLOW way down...
good luck with your decision
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