Out to Lunch

on 6/13/12 1:58 am - VA
 Annoyed today.  Why is it that my co-workers don't invite me to go to lunch?  Just becuase I had RNY, doesn't mean I can't enjoy their company.  Grrr.
on 6/13/12 2:01 am - OH
Do they think you would not want to go to lunch with them?  Maybe you need to let them know you'd like to go.

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on 6/13/12 2:11 am - Crandall, TX
RNY on 09/18/12
Yeah, let them know you would like to go. Maybe they do not invite you because they are unsure if it is what you want. They might feel that they are pressuring you into doing something that you do not want to do beause of your RNY.
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