website to calculate calories

on 6/17/12 10:19 am - Fountain Hills, AZ
Is theer a website that will calculate teh calories of the food we take in?  I was given a siet 10 years ago but cant remembet the name of it - wa a good and popular site.

on 6/17/12 10:28 am
RNY on 06/26/12

Created by MyFitnessPal - Free Weight Loss Tools

on 6/17/12 10:34 am
 There are many.  I like

Sandy S.
on 6/17/12 10:41 am - MD
RNY on 05/07/12
I use, it has an Android or Iphone app too.  I mainly use it to track protein and water.
on 6/17/12 10:44 am
RNY on 04/09/12
I really like lose it. I use it on my nook so I can take it anywhere. They also have a computer app. Besides calculating calories, I can plug in my favorite recipes and get all the calorie and nutrition stats.
on 6/17/12 10:56 am - WA
RNY on 01/18/12 with
I have tried, and and fitness pal is my favorite.  The phone app is very easy to use, adding my own recipes online is a snap (not like sparkpeople which takes a gazillion steps with all kinds of required fields, bleh!), and it has a lot more foods in its database - at least the foods I want to enter, anyway.  Just my two cents!
on 6/17/12 11:33 am - Baltimore, MD
I use
Larry Wassmann
on 6/17/12 11:08 pm - Lacey, WA
RNY on 05/09/12
I have used most and I think is the best. I use it on my computer, IPad, IPhone. You can search for any food by name or brand name ie Costco Salmon and get all the info you need. You can print reports and take them to your NUT meetings to talk about what you are eating. It even has things found in many of the popular cookbooks on WLS. I never plan a meal without entering it in the program first to make sure it fits in my goals. 

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